‘Backhaul to the Future’ - Introducing Mimosa’s B11 licensed backhaul radio

By Ryan Rowley


Today we announced the Mimosa B11 backhaul radio with Massive MIMO technology. This fiber-speed, high-precision licensed radio is a cost-effective solution for our ISP customers to efficiently and easily build out high-capacity, scalable wireless networks. 

The B11 is our first entry into the licensed backhaul market, and is unique in the industry with one radio covering the entire licensed 10.7-11.7 GHz spectrum. This distinctive feature translates to faster deployment for our customers, making it easier to manage the equipment and obtain a valid license. For our U.S.-based customers, our network design tools can instantly show you the likelihood of coordination success by providing a view of nearby licensed links across the band via the FCC licensed database.

The B11 understands the bi-directional nature of Internet traffic and optimizes for greater downstream capacity, adapting the spectrum to meet immediate traffic needs. As with our existing backhaul products, it uses spectrum analysis and load balancing to maximize bandwidth, frequency and power use based on real-time and historical data. The B11 is easy to deploy at only 4.5lbs, is low-power and ultra-reliable, with fully integrated lightning ESD protection and IP67 rating. 

The B11 Backhaul radio is available for pre-order now and will begin shipping to customers in late 2015. To learn more about the B11, visit our product page or view our Mimosa Backhaul Comparison Chart.

Join in on the B11 Webinar this Thursday, October 22nd @ 9am PST to find out more.