Mimosa B5: Better Performance, Better Price

By Jaime Fink

Six months and 7 man-years of engineering effort after its introduction, Mimosa is pleased to announce the release of our B5 firmware version 1.2.0, together with an incredible new price for the B5 and B5c products. 


We are excited about the 135+ feature updates and performance improvements, and we think you will be too! Here is what you have to look forward to in the 1.2.0 release.

You Spoke. We Listened.

Since the release of the backhaul products late last year, our support and product teams have taken your feedback and worked tirelessly with our engineers to drive resolution of the issues you’ve reported from the field.

Among the improvements and fixes we’ve added are the following:

  • User Interface: Enhanced the UI with greater readability, fantastic new charts, and many fixes to easily monitor link status.
  • Platform Stability: Resolved numerous system stability issues caused by interference and traffic conditions.
  • MAC Layer:
    • Major traffic flow optimizations to improve TCP performance and conditions of traffic overflow above current link capacity.
    • Resolved disassociation and traffic halting conditions.
  • PHY Layer:
    • Huge improvements under low noise and high noise conditions.
    • Improved GPS stability and “No GPS” modes, useful when GPS signals are unavailable due to obstruction or interference from high-power FM, TV, or LTE transmitters.

Brand New Features

In addition to improving performance on existing features, we’ve also added some brand new features. Check out what we’ve recently added!

  • Ability for 3rd party management systems to monitor the B5 via SNMP;
  • Integrated speed test features for 1 direction, 2 direction simultaneous, or 2 direction sequential testing;
  • Seamless channel and channel width changes without re-association;
  • Enhanced adapation for fluid link operation and resilience in the case of interference.

Best Price Per Gigabit Throughput

With the added features and the lower pricing, Mimosa believes it provides the best cost per throughput value on the market. Contact your favorite Mimosa Distributor today to learn more about the new pricing structure for all Mimosa Backhaul products.

More Firmware Version 1.2.0 Details

Thank you for your continued support of Mimosa products and solutions. We look forward to your continued feedback and future success!