Please Welcome Cloud+

By Scott Wierstra

Today we revealed exciting details about Mimosa’s new Cloud+ service. Providing rich visual analysis for up to six months of detailed network data, our Cloud+ service offers unparalleled network visibility, giving you a competitive edge in this challenging market.

With Cloud+, you can lower your operational costs with fewer service calls, longer uptime and decreased mean time to repair (MTTR). If issues do occur, quick access to live and historical network data simplifies troubleshooting, resulting in faster network resolution. 


With accurate real-time and historical spectrum data for any Mimosa radio at your fingertips, you no longer need to waste time gathering data, but can instead start analyzing and finding solutions. In addition, with bulk collection of network statistics and graphing of device performance, you can view statistics on historical throughput and trending changes, create templates, download data and make informed planning decisions. 

Advanced monitoring and alert notifications, along with a secure connection to all Mimosa devices, ensure that you are informed and able to pinpoint problems the moment your customers experience any service interruption. 

Cloud+ provides data and tools to analyze the data, which will help to find answers to following questions very easily, such as "Why is my customer experiencing choppy voice calls? What happened in my network last weekend that could have impacted my customer's internet access? How does the new software upgrade impact the network?" - And so much more!

Cloud+ will be included at no cost for monitoring all Mimosa A5, B5 and B11 product families for the first year. After that, the services will be offered for an incredible value of $99/year for each network under management in the Mimosa Cloud. Try our Cloud+ service – and revolutionize the way you manage your networks.