The B5-Lite is here – with industry-leading price and performance

By Ryan Rowley

Your next low-cost, high-throughput backhaul radio kit is now available! Using our TDMA protocol and 802.11ac technology, Mimosa’s new B5-Lite radio delivers a solid 750+ Mbps of throughput at a cost that’s less than 40¢ per Mbps.

Designed to be powerful, affordable and easy to install, the B5-Lite’s 2x2:2 radio features an integrated 20 dBi antenna, and is a great option for locations that do not require collocation, while offering the same low 2+ms latency as our higher-powered B5 and B5c radios.

While the B5 and B5c still provide the highest throughput and resiliency available on the market, the B5-Lite offers many of the same impressive features in a smaller package – Auto Everything, RF efficiencies, high throughput and an operating frequency covering the 4.9 GHz public safety band all the way up to 6200 MHz.

So, what’s the difference? The B5-Lite is… well, lighter – coming in at just 1.6 lbs – and gives you two radios for a quick link right out of the box. For shorter links (typically less than 5 miles) and simple building-to-building connectivity, the B5-Lite offers amazing value for money.

Here’s what one of our early adopters had to say about the B5-Lite: “I’m really impressed with the B5-Lite. It has the best service possible with amazing reliability and speed! The performance is truly mind-blowing!” - Kent Urwiller, President of Prairie Hills Wireless LLC

To learn more about the B5-Lite, visit our product pageor view our Mimosa Backhaul Comparison Chart!

Want to hear more? Attend our webinar on October 1st at 8AM PST and 6PM PST.