Introducing the A5c and a Whole Lot More!

By Jaime Fink


Greetings from WISPAmerica in Louisville! Today is momentous for Mimosa as we unveil the entirety of our multipoint platform, announce preliminary availability of our A5 products at the end of March, and a whole lot more!

Mimosa A5c – GPS sync enabled 4x4 connectorized access point

The A5c is the industry’s first outdoor gigabit connectorized wireless access point. Designed for tower and rural fixed wireless networks, the A5c is the lowest cost per megabit solution and highest capacity access point available. With Mimosa’s unique GPS sync spectrum reuse technology, wireless ISPs can now easily add subscribers and bandwidth to any location.

New massive MIMO antenna partnership with KP Performance

With the introduction of the high capacity connectorized A5c, we needed antenna innovation to deliver the incredible benefits of MIMO beamforming and GPS sync. Mimosa has partnered with KP Performance antennas to deliver the first compact massive MIMO sector antennas for the A5c. The new X4 and X8 antennas, designed specifically for the A5c, deliver affordable antenna arrays, designed specifically to enable beamforming client aiming, Multi-User MIMO, and improved antenna gain. The X8 model allows the user to attach dual A5cs in a single sector, enabling two operating channels in the same sector beamwidth, giving subscriber channel diversity.

Multipoint availability

The unique Mimosa A5, with integrated quad-sector antenna technology, and C5 client device revolutionizes how wireless will be delivered in high density suburban and urban environments. Our beta test ISP partners have seen the transformational effect of the A5 on their businesses, allowing them to grow into higher density areas where previous wireless technology could not easily scale. Subscribers are now experiencing fiber-like speeds at a fraction of the cost, where limited options were previously available.


  • The A5 and C5 will be available at the end of March through our distribution partners (initially in the U.S. market).
  • A5c access points and C5c client connectorized radios are anticipated to ship in May.
  • Free GPS sync software update for multipoint will be available for the B5 and B5c platform in May. GPS sync software will be available for the A5 and A5c in September.

Amazing accessories for installers

We aim to give installers a great experience installing Mimosa multipoint clients, and give ISPs and installers their choice of mounting and PoE accessories. Mimosa C5 clients come in a “radio-only” configuration, allowing you to flexibly choose your mounting and PoE accessories and purchase them separately.

Options include:

  • Mimosa FlexiMount™ – our most flexible, compact mount available, allowing attachment to any vertical or other angled pole, or any flat surface. Available end of March.
  • Mimosa J-Mount – our twist on the J-Mount, giving an extra axis of rotation to align the C5 and keep it level to the horizon.
  • Mimosa Gigabit Network Interface Device (NID) – easy to install technician physical access interface, with surge protection and grounding point, required for C5 installation.
  • Mimosa Gigabit PoE (Wall-Plugged) – compact wall plug Gigabit PoE injector.

The best backhaul just got better!

Today we’re launching backhaul software release 1.3.1, which delivers more power in the U-NII 3 band for users in the U.S., taking advantage of the newly published FCC regulations. This regulatory change is an especially welcome boost for the B5 integrated backhaul, expanding the service range significantly. Release 1.3.1 combines the power boost with fantastic link performance improvements, and even better dual-link radio resiliency to make sure links are sustained under interference conditions.

The easiest FCC Part 101 licensing tool just got 5x better!

At WISPApalooza, we launched the first 11 GHz FCC database mapping and pre-coordination tool, making it easier than ever to find your slice of the spectrum, coordinate a link, and deploy the new Mimosa B11 licensed radios. Today, we’re expanding this free tool beyond just 11 GHz, to include the 6, 8, 13, 17 and 23 GHz bands, and accepting one-click coordination requests to assist you in your licensing needs. The future in affordable, licensed backhaul is bright!

And finally, Mimosa B11 now available in early production


We’re proud to realize our vision of a disruptive 11 GHz licensed product, shipping our first links to customers this month. Demand is quite high for this new category of product, and we’re busy scaling our production capacity to meet your needs. 

Thank you to our loyal Mimosa adopters

Whew! As you can see, we’ve been incredibly busy. We Mimosans have put in huge efforts across the board and we hope you enjoy these new products and releases as much as we enjoy building them for you.