New Advanced Networking Enhancements with Mimosa Access 2.0.2 Firmware

By Jaime Fink


We’re pleased to announce the availability of firmware 2.0.2 for the Mimosa A5 access devices and C5 client devices. After their successful introduction delivering blazing fast speeds for broadband access, this second major access release adds new advanced networking capabilities and subscriber management features allowing the solution to more easily integrate with ISP networks.

Key new features – thank you for all the feedback!

  • Layer 2 networking enhancements make it incredibly easy to operate advanced bridged networks environments while protecting the ISP network and other wireless clients:
    • VLAN Passthrough enables the link between the A5 and C5 to send all tagged VLAN traffic without any modification
    • Rogue DHCP Server Protection prevents propagation of DHCP protocols from non-authorized DHCP servers (such as a subscriber improperly connecting their home router ‘backwards’)
    • Broadcast Suppression mitigates the impact of broadcast traffic storms by rate limiting traffic types known to cause network flooding (e.g. broadcast, unknown unicast, unknown multicast, etc.) 
  • Wireless link distance optimization enables longer distance connections between the A5 and C5, ensuring there are no software restrictions on link distances. The A5 also now supports auto-ranging to determining the link distance to each C5 client automatically. Note that extended link distance is currently not supported for 3rd party clients in 2.0.2, and will be supported in the next software release. 
  • New A5 subscriber management features ensure subscriber bandwidth fairness and manage network abuse from specific networking protocols. This unique and powerful capability combines new network intelligence = with traditional rate limiting capabilities in the A5. This jointly optimizes network and airtime fairness to ensure a great and fair experience across all the clients connected to the A5:
    • Application Prioritization allows custom control over traffic prioritization of important applications and protocols (HTTP/HTTPS, VPN, Ping, Torrents and some video streaming services) to improve subscriber experience while streaming
    • Access Control Lists allow granular “5-tuple” prioritization controls to help mitigate the impact of specified Internet applications or subscriber abuse on the wireless network

And finally, the all new G2 Wi-Fi gateway Network Health Monitoring measures and logs end-to-end network availability and latency between the subscriber premise G2 and network name service. Health monitoring information will be made available in the Mimosa Cloud for easy analysis.

We thank you for your input and hope you enjoy these substantial new features. We look forward to hearing from you as you continue to build out fiber-fast broadband access networks!

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