MicroPoP offers fast wireless broadband to urban areas

Mimosa reckons its Micro Point-of-Presence (MicroPoP) network architecture enables service providers to deliver gigabit wireless broadband and achieve the same speeds as fibre for a fraction of the cost. The system combines Mimosa’s new A5 access point and the C5 client device. With its “unique” quad-sector antennas and massive MIMO technology, the compact A5 is claimed to be the industry’s fastest multipoint solution purpose-built for high-density deployments, and offers more than 1Gbps of aggregate capacity.

It can be deployed in a central point within a neighbourhood to provide wireless broadband connections to subscribers within 500 metres. Both the A5 and the C5 feature GPS sync-enabled TDMA. This ensures that each client device precisely receives and transmits under the AP’s timing control. Mimosa says this also eliminates the possibility of interference from other A5s in the vicinity. The C5 endpoint is also MUMIMO capable which means that multiple clients on the same AP can be coordinated to simultaneously share spectrum, thus improving scaling and spectral efficiency. With protection from harsh environmental conditions and a wide-range of mounting options, Mimosa adds that the units are suitable for “any deployment situation”.