There’s too much questionable content out there. What we really need is some content that doesn’t waste our time. Some content that teaches us something, that facilitates conversations. What we need is for vendors to skip the hollow marketing content and get to the point.

So we’ve done just that. Welcome to Mimosa’s To the Point series of educational conversations. These 40 minute sessions are designed to be informative, entertaining, and interactive, and help you add to your already impressive fixed wireless expertise. In these sessions, we hope to sift through some of the confusion out there, explore typical issues faced in our industry, and simplify the creation of next generation networks.

Enough about us… let’s get to the point.

Upcoming Sessions

Practical advice on migrating to Mimosa’s Spectrum Reuse Synchronization (SRS)

Thurs, March 2, 2017 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PST

Making the most efficient use of spectrum represents one of the largest challenges facing wireless internet service providers. The ability of your network to scale and deliver consistent service is impacted by the availability of this scarce resource.

Mimosa’s SRS solution uses TDMA and network wide GPS synchronization to dramatically increase the efficiency of how you utilize spectrum, by enabling network wide channel re-use. Mimosa has the fastest Access Point platform and with the addition of SRS, we’re looking to fuel the 5G-Fixed revolution and provide you with fiber fast solution, that blow incumbent DSL and cable providers out of the water.

Join us to learn everything you need to know about SRS and the practical considerations in deploying SRS into your network.

Recorded Sessions:

It's not your Internet, it's your Wi-Fi

Presenter - Jaime Fink, CPO

Why Wireless is the Future of Fixed Access

Presenter - Lee Peterson, Sr. Director of Technical Marketing

High-Speed Fixed Wireless Internet for Rural Communities

Presenter - Jaime Fink, Co-Founder Mimosa

Learn How Easy It Is To Add Licensed Radios To Your Network

Presenter - Liz Creekmore, CEO Intelpath

Change The Game With A Fiber-Fast MicroPoP Solution

Presenter – David Stiff, VP Product Management

Why Licensed Spectrum Makes Sense

Presenter – Chris Trout, Director Network Design & Support

Technical Requirements for a Modern Network

Presenter – David Stiff, VP Product Management

Simplify Link Design and Planning for your Network

Presenter - Lee Peterson, Sr. Director Technical Marketing

The Collocation Cutting Edge: How One Rural WISP Pushes the Spectrum Envelope

Presenter - Kent Urwiller, Owner of Prairie Hills Wireless

Is 5 GHz Backhaul Dead? Hardly.

Presenter - Lee Peterson, Sr. Director Technical Marketing