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The Mimosa C5 is an easy, rugged and blazing fast endpoint client device for the most deployment applications in the highly scalable Mimosa C5 multipoint solution. Incorporating unique Multi-User MIMO technology, and TDMA client technology for the Mimosa GPS sync enabled network, the C5 enables the fastest speeds and most scalable wireless access solution available today.

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Professionally installed suburban and rural fixed wireless

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Short to mid-range client endpoint*

*Distances vary based on Mimosa A5 access point power and antenna gain. Please refer to the Mimosa Design Tools to simulate performance with your regional wireless regulatory restrictions.

Fiber Speed Access at a Fraction of the Cost

With client speeds capable of 500 Mbps+, and access point capacity up to 1.5 Gbps delivers the speeds consumers and business users demand at a fraction of the cost of delivering Fiber to the Premises.


Add Subscribers with Ease

Auto-Provisioning together with the Mimosa Install App, now dramatically reduces subscriber installation time, automates device provisioning and allows seamless device integration into an ISP network.

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Finding MIMO

Connect to virtually any dual polarization antenna to custom engineer longer distance client links. The C5 supports 2x2:2 MIMO dual connector RP-SMA for easy cabled antenna connectivity, and can be mounted to any pole via hose clamps, or easily clipped onto antennas supporting compatible clip-on mounting brackets systems.

Mounting Options Galore

Every installation can be unique, so flexibility in mounting approach is critical. The C5 easily attaches to special designed Mimosa optional mounting accessories*.

The Mimosa J-mount accessory accommodates most under roof eave mounting applications.

The Mimosa flexible pole mount accessory accommodates both vertical and horizontal pole mounting applications, as well as basic wall mounting where minimizing the distance os the C5 relative the wall is important.

*Not included, ordered separately in bulk volumes.

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Compact But Powerful

The attractive C5 design delivers incredible range with only a 10.25 in (260 mm) diameter integrated antenna. With cutting edge dual 45º slant polarization design and aperture efficiency of greater than 50%, the C5 delivers 20 dBi antenna gain in the smallest design possible.

TDMA GPS Sync Client

Client-side support for the Mimosa C5 multipoint GPS sync enabled TDMA protocol. This ensures each client device precisely receives and transmits under the timing control of the access point, and can dynamically request upstream bandwidth. As opposed to alternative reserved (fixed) timeslot protocols, upstream bandwidth and latencies are allocated on demand which enables significantly higher overall upstream network bandwidth utilization.

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Multi-User MIMO

Coming soon. A key component to scaling network efficiency is leveraging innovative new Multi-User capabilities. With MU-MIMO, multiple clients on the same access point are coordinated by the access point to simultaneously share spectrum "spatially" via unique antenna beamforming. Each client device collaborates spatial geographic information with its associated Mimosa C5 device to allow coordination of the shared spectrum. This radically improves multipoint access scaling and spectral efficiency.

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Working Above the Noise

Advanced Auto-Gain Control (AGC) techniques automatically squelch out underlying interference with only 10 dB operating margin required to deliver incredible client performance.

Rugged and Affordable

Protection from harsh environments now comes at an affordable cost. The C5 includes a unique cable boot environment protector and sealing gel, and accommodates installation practices for unterminated and pre-terminated RJ-45 cable connectors.

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‡ U.S. Pat. No. US 9,001,689 and patents pending.

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