Firmware Release 2.4 Enables Rapid Network Deployment and Reduces Installation and Operating Costs

Today Mimosa is proud to announce the general availability of firmware release 2.4, with exciting features that enable rapid network deployment and reduce installation and operating costs in last-mile multipoint wireless broadband networks.

Unlock Any Mimosa Radio and You Could Win $500

It's that simple—by unlocking those radios, you could be the lucky winner of some extra cash this holiday season!

“Flexible Use” Spectrum Too Big a Stretch for Broadband Access

At the recent 5G Americas’ Technology Briefing, we were disappointed to hear FCC Commissioner O’Rielly reiterate his support for “flexible use” of the 3.7 to 4.2 GHz band: “Another group of entities has proposed a plan that would favor fixed operations in the band, but this is counter to flexible use policies and is not appropriate.”

Visit Us at GITEX and See Our New Time-Saving Features at Wispapalooza 2017!

Mimosa is on the road around the world this week, with employees at GITEX Technology Week in Dubai and Wispapalooza in the U.S., meeting with current and prospective customers to learn more about the opportunities they’re seeing in their communities and discuss how the latest innovations from Mimosa can help.

How a Solar Fixed Wireless Kit Saved a Network (and a Town)

This week, Mimosa is participating at the ASIS 2017 Security Expo in Dallas. One of the solutions we are showcasing with Tycon Systems is a ready-to-install kit for setting up a remote, solar-powered, high-speed connection.

Antenna Selections for the Mimosa A5c

At Mimosa, we get a lot of questions from service providers asking about which antenna we recommend to provide the best performance in a given situation. This blog is designed to help answer these questions—specifically for our A5c product.

Mimosa Gives Back(packs)

Mimosa counts #bekind as one of its core values. We are so proud of the generosity and willingness of our employees to continually reflect these values not only to each other, but out into our communities as well! Our Santa Clara employees gathered to assemble 100 backpacks for children at Christopher Elementary School, located in East San Jose, to celebrate the start of the new school year.

Lack of Competition Has Driven the Net Neutrality Debate to a Fever Pitch

​The ripple effects of the Net Neutrality and Open Internet proceedings are being felt by consumers, the tech industry, as well as Internet Service Providers (ISPs) at the heart of the discussion. As a co-founder of a Silicon Valley tech company, Mimosa Networks, I’m a big supporter of the need for an Open Internet to enable new innovations that depend on unimpeded consumer internet.

Fixed Access Economics: Understanding Why Mobile Networks Cannot Bridge the Broadband Divide and What You Can Do About It

As a founding member of the Broadband Access Coalition, Mimosa is proud to be a leader in the effort to extend quality broadband service to underserved areas of the United States, and to bring desperately needed competition to urban and suburban markets.

Building a Solar Site

​In the second part of our “how-to” series, we wanted to share some tips on how we recently built an off-the-grid solar site in the hills overlooking Monterey Bay. We had some strict criteria to follow - the land owner wanted to make sure that the panels wouldn’t be visible from Highway 1 or from the beach, following Coastal Commission guidelines so we had to keep the panels low to the ground.

Deploying a Diversity Link

In the first part of our “how-to” series, we share some tips on how we recently built an over-the-water, solar relay diversity link from Monterey Bay to Carmel Valley in California. A diversity link is a link that can pick up signals on two different dishes, with feed horns configured exactly 11 feet apart vertically, and is ideally suited to handle thermal inversion deployments.

Mimosa Networks Wins A Very Special Award: “Top 100 North America 2017”

Apart from meeting customers and partners, one of the more fun aspects of my job is mingling with the industry’s newest and brightest entrepreneurs. Last week I traveled to the Red Herring Top 100 North America conference in Los Angeles to present on behalf of Mimosa, named as one of the finalists for the prestigious “Red Herring Top 100 North America 2017” Award.

Realizing the Hybrid Fiber-Wireless Potential: Opening 3.7 – 4.2GHz for Fixed Access

As an industry, we’ve done an incredible job utilizing the 5GHz band to its fullest potential. Mimosa is particularly proud of its Spectrum Reuse Synchronization (SRS) technology, allowing rich spectrum reuse and mitigating interference from other unlicensed devices in the band. Our innovations in efficient use of spectrum are being manifested in many venues, enabling market growth from rural and developing countries to suburban and urban centers, where people lack choice for broadband service.

Mimosa Networks is Excited to Introduce the Premier Partner Program

At Mimosa, we are dedicated to our partners’ continued success. That is why I am excited to announce that today we are launching our Premier Partner Program, designed to create value and provide a one-stop destination for our partners.

New 2.3.0 Firmware Streamlines Installation of A5 and C5 Series Products

With the availability of firmware version 2.3.0, we welcome support for the new, long-range Mimosa C5c connectorized client for Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint applications.

Mimosa C5c and Install App Now Available

It’s here! Today we announced the commercial availability of our C5c connectorized client radio. The C5c rounds out our suite of client devices, and in combination with our comprehensive backhaul and access offerings, delivers on our vision of a complete cloud to client 5G Fixed wireless solution. The C5c serves traditional tower and GigaPoP architectures, and our innovative MicroPoP architecture approach.

Jaime Fink Inducted into Inaugural Wi-Fi NOW Hall of Fame

Last week, Jaime hopped on a plane to Washington for three days of action at Wi-Fi NOW. In addition to meeting with many customers and presenting a keynote on the role of wireless in delivering high-speed internet, Jaime came home with a very special award commemorating his induction into the inaugural Wi-Fi NOW Hall of Fame.

MWC Week in Review- The 5G Aftermath

Barcelona certainly was abuzz with 5G marketing this year, with soaring banners making claims of “the leader in 5G technology” all around. But many attendees walked away shrugging their shoulders still contemplating, “what is 5G?”

Introducing Mimosa 5G Fixed Wireless

It’s incredibly fitting as Mimosa celebrates our 5th anniversary this month that we today launch our eagerly anticipated 5G Fixed Wireless solutions.

Mimosa supports new 3.7 – 4.2 GHz spectrum sharing opportunity with the FCC

In 2016 we witnessed an unprecedented change in direction for internet access in America, as the most prominent ISPs in the country continued to back-off their fiber plans. This is making way for new fixed wireless technologies as the final connection to consumers in the last-mile.

Mimosa Radios and Internal Temperature

Internal temperature readings will always be significantly higher than the outside ambient temperature in which a Mimosa product is operating. The nature of any electronic product is that it generates heat, so this should not cause alarm.

Link Availability

When you design a radio link, you have to insure the availability meets the needs of the applications running over the air. Today’s wireless networks consist of many layers, each one having a different function. They work together as a system to provide connectivity for the end user.

The Benefits of Licensed Spectrum

To improve reliability and meet growing network capacity demands, WISPs are now increasingly looking beyond the 5 GHz band, hoping to protect their links with dedicated licensed spectrum.

Mimosa Files FCC Comments Supporting Flexible Use of 24 GHz Spectrum for Fixed Wireless

With copper and fiber-based deployments clearly slowing down, it seems a foregone conclusion that wireless technologies will be the new delivery mechanism to meet consumer demand for fiber-fast internet.

Making B11 Coordination's a SNAP!

With the launch of our first Part 101 licensed radio, the Mimosa B11, we set out to provide you with the fastest and most affordable 11 GHz radio on the market. We also wanted to simplify the license coordination process. If you are an operator located in the United States, you can now login to our network design tool, plan your link and submit it for coordination.

Introducing the New Mimosa A5 Access Device Network Planner

Following the entry of Mimosa Access solutions into the market, we are excited to add Mimosa cloud support for our new A5-14 and A5-18 access devices using our network design tool. With this launch, we are building on our successful PTP planner, allowing you to quickly prototype and estimate the performance of access and backhaul Mimosa products in your network, and select the optimal product to fit your use case and meet expectations.

Maximizing Network Availability

Many of you may have read about the Loma fire that started in California’s Santa Cruz mountains on September 26, 2016, destroying many buildings and threatening several tower locations. Two of the tower sites, heavily used as a primary route for telecommunications and Internet traffic, were surrounded by flames that damaged generators, melted AC lines, and engulfed radios mounted less than 6m (20 feet) AGL. Mimosa uses these sites as a primary route for providing Internet service to both our headquarters building, and to several test sites with live users on both sides of the mountains. In light of this fire, we thought it would be a good time to discuss how to plan and maximize network availability during disasters.

Powering Mimosa Products

Mimosa products are powered using Power over Ethernet (PoE), making it easy to install Mimosa radios with a single high quality CAT 6 Ethernet cable for powering and connectivity.

Pole Attachment Options for MicroPoP Access Points

Though not without hurdles, the right and ability to use existing neighborhood utility poles to expand your MicroPoP network is certainly a benefit of Title II that should be added to the toolbox of any WISP.

We Don’t Talk Enough About This Amazing FlexiMount…

Every installation is unique, which is why flexibility in mounting approach is critical. In the category of tooting our own horn, the Mimosa FlexiMount is the most flexible, compact mount available, allowing attachment to any vertical or other angled pole or any flat surface.

Transitioning to Mimosa Access

Once the exclusive domain of cable and copper providers, the suburban, urban, and enterprise markets now represent an incredible opportunity for competitive broadband delivery via fixed wireless technology.

Real Support from Real People

One of the underlying principles of Mimosa is to build the sort of company that we ourselves would want to deal with. Crucial to delivering a high-quality customer experience is support.

Engineering Products for the Great Outdoors

Our products are built for outdoor installation and operation, so it is important that they can withstand a variety of weather conditions. One way we ensure reliability in an outdoor environment is by testing and rating against an International standard known as IEC 60529.

How to Build a Better Backhaul

Despite the inherent challenges, we have achieved the highest link resiliency in the industry through a combination of features unique to Mimosa, called Dual Link and Auto Everything.

Which A5 is right for me?

Central to Mimosa’s MicroPop deployment model is the A5 quad-sector Access Point (AP). The three most common questions customers have about the A5 are mounting height, coverage radius and number of connected clients per AP, all of which we will address in this blog post.

New Advanced Networking Enhancements with Mimosa Access 2.0.2 Firmware

We’re pleased to announce the availability of firmware 2.0.2 for the Mimosa A5 access devices and C5 client devices. After their successful introduction delivering blazing fast speeds for broadband access, this second major access release adds new advanced networking capabilities and subscriber management features allowing the solution to more easily integrate with ISP networks.

Improved Speed and Link Resiliency with New Mimosa Backhaul 1.4.1 Firmware

Yet again, we’ve made the industry’s best backhaul​ even better! Mimosa’s newly released 1.4.1 backhaul firmware includes numerous performance enhancements resulting in improved capacity, smoother links under impairment, and ongoing optimization delivering increased signal levels.

Demystifying Antenna Polarizations

The use of dual polarization antennas has become commonplace in wireless communications. It is time to update some of the common misconceptions about the impact of antenna polarizations.

Delivering Great Internet

Today we introduced the Mimosa G2 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi gateway, debuting at a $49.99 USD street price. The G2 gateway is a beautifully integrated wall-plug that combines a great managed ISP subscriber experience together with an incredibly easy way to expand Wi-Fi coverage and quality.

The best backhaul just became more powerful!

Today we’re introducing backhaul software release 1.3.1, which delivers more power in the U-NII 3 band for users in the U.S., taking advantage of the newly published FCC regulations.

Introducing the A5c and a Whole Lot More!

Greetings from WISPAmerica in Louisville! Today is momentous for Mimosa as we unveil the entirety of our multipoint platform, announce preliminary availability of our A5 products at the end of March, and a whole lot more!

Mimosa Backhaul: Even Better with greater than 1 ms Latency and Up to a 25 percent Speed Boost

Mimosa is pleased to announce the availability of firmware version 1.3.0 for our B5 and B11 families of backhaul products. This release is all about speed, low latency and resiliency. We have designed a new Auto-TDMA technology to reduce latency to <1 ms and support the needs of downstream video streaming or symmetric business traffic. To dynamically adapt to today’s ever-increasing bandwidth demands, MAC efficiency improvements provide up to a 25% speed boost to maximize spectrum utilization.

4.9 GHz Public Safety Band Offers Government Entities Exclusive Spectrum Rights

The past several years have seen explosive growth in the number of wireless Internet access devices operating in unlicensed spectrum bands. Especially in the 5 GHz band, the availability of unlicensed spectrum has given rise to a number of low-cost backhaul and access devices that enable people to reliably connect to the Internet at a relatively low cost.

Mimosa Wins Industry Awards for Fastest and Best Backhaul Technology

We are proud to report that Mimosa dominated the awards, which recognize the “best-of-the-best” in the WISP industry.

Please Welcome Cloud+

Today we revealed exciting details about Mimosa’s new Cloud+™ service. Providing rich visual analysis for up to six months of detailed network data, our Cloud+ service offers unparalleled network visibility, giving you a competitive edge in this challenging market.

‘Backhaul to the Future’ - Introducing Mimosa’s B11 licensed backhaul radio

Today we announced the Mimosa B11 backhaul radio with Massive MIMO technology. This fiber-speed, high-precision licensed radio is a cost-effective solution for our ISP customers to efficiently and easily build out high-capacity, scalable wireless networks.

Mimosa Spectrum Proposal Receives Boost From WISPA

We want to thank the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA) for recently backing Mimosa’s proposal of wider channels in the licensed 23 GHz band, reaffirming broad support for this initiative across the industry. In July, Mimosa urged the FCC to modify the rules to expand the current 50 MHz maximum channel width, with proposals for 80 MHz, 160 MHz and 320 MHz channels.

The B5-Lite is here – with industry-leading price and performance

Your next low-cost, high-throughput backhaul radio kit is now available! Using our TDMA protocol and 802.11ac technology, Mimosa’s new B5-Lite radio delivers a solid 750+ Mbps of throughput at a cost that’s less than 40¢ per Mbps.

Mimosa + Quantenna – Synergy Defined

The dictionary defines “synergy” as two things that work together to create something greater than the sum of its parts. Though the term suffers a bit from overuse, in this case, the word “synergy” could not be more a more apt description of Mimosa’s relationship with Quantenna Communications over the past three years.

Mimosa Advocates Expansion of 23 GHz Spectrum to the FCC – Enabling 10 Gbps Backhaul!

Given the severe shortage of spectrum available to ISPs to satisfy Internet demand in the U.S., Mimosa has proactively led the way in proposing new solutions to increase spectrum availability. In 2013, we petitioned the FCC for shared allocation of the 10.0-10.5 GHz band to expand available backhaul spectrum. Today we continue this effort by advocating for wider channels in the licensed 23 GHz band, urging the FCC to fully leverage this spectrum by significantly increasing efficiency and capacity.

Mimosa B5: Better Performance, Better Price

Six months and 7 man-years of engineering effort after its introduction, Mimosa is pleased to announce the release of our B5 firmware version 1.2.0, together with an incredible new price for the B5 and B5c products.

Mimosa is on the Move!

Mimosa is extremely excited to announce that we have been named in the first-ever Fast 50 List of Hottest Privately Held Security and Networking Companies! This Fast 50 report highlights the leading private Internet security and communications infrastructure companies, as identified by JMP Securities, a full-service, San Francisco-based investment bank.

We're Listening!

The Mimosa team was lucky enough to spend some quality time with many of our new (and future) customers at the WISPAmerica conference in St Louis at the end of February. One of my observations compared to other industries I have been involved with, is the sense of community among WISPs. There is a spirit of co-operation and helping each other that is refreshing.

Announcing the B5-Lite! 750+ Mbps and $299 per Pair!

You asked and we listened. Mimosa is incredibly excited to announce the newest member of our backhaul family, the B5-Lite! Our new radio was made to be affordable for any network, and with 750+ Mbps throughput it is fast enough for any network too.

Apply for the Mimosa Best Link Award and Win Free Gear!

It’s been an exciting year at Mimosa so far. Our backhaul units began shipping at the end of 2014 and the feedback has been tremendous! We’ve heard wide-ranging stories from our customers - from extremely long links that are connecting new communities to urban areas where our B5 radios are getting well over 1 Gbps on very short links in high noise environments. Now we want to hear your story!

Keep calm...Mimosa's first B5 major feature update has arrived!

Mimosa launches first major feature release as a free update to the fantastic Mimosa B5 backhaul user. Version 1.1.0 introduces a huge number of great updates, performance optimizations, and fantastic new features we know you’ll appreciate, because most of these requests came directly from our deployed Wireless ISP and enterprise vertical application users!

Mimosa FCC Form 477 Tool is Live!

Mimosa is pleased to announce the release of our Free Form 477 Tool. This tool will generate your Subscriber and Deployment reports in just a few quick steps! Based on the CSV-formatted subscriber information that you provide, the Form 477 Tool gathers FIPS census tract and block data and builds the required reports. From there, you just download, verify and file!

New FCC 5 GHz Rules Will Limit Broadband Delivery

As many of you know, earlier this year the FCC issued new regulations which drastically restricted the legal out-of-band emission (OOBE) limits in the U-NII-1 and U-NII-3 spectrum bands. Today we submitted additional comments to further underscore our position. Despite the fact that the 5 GHz band is one of the few bands capable of supporting long distance Wi-Fi connections, the power limits and antenna sizes that are required for the optimal use of those links are illegal under the current FCC limits.

One More Thing…for the WISPs!

*Free* FCC Form 477 WISP Tool - Things got more complicated this year for WISPs on Form 477 with the introduction of census tract data requirements. We’ve got you covered with a new free tool, which will be ready the first week of September. This will let you import subscriber location/technology/service data and perform all geocoding US Census Bureau Tract lookups to make the Form 477 submission process simpler. We hope you like it and can breathe easier on your submissions!

Net Neutrality and WISPs

Having just returned from Washington DC to promote Mimosa’s plan to open the 10 GHz band for fixed broadband operations in the US, I am struck by how relevant the wireless Internet service provider (WISP) industry is to the broader storm of net neutrality currently raging in the United States. As I see the situation today, we have a duopoly in the access market between DSL and cable providers. As those of us in the industry know...

Mimosa 10 GHz Petition: Our Response to Comments

As you may be aware, Mimosa petitioned the FCC to open the 10 GHz spectrum for lightly licensed use. The comment period for our petition closed on April 10, 2014, and following FCC rules, we submitted our response on Friday, April 25th, two weeks after the close of the comment period. Beyond this point, it’s up to the FCC to decide what action, if any, they will take to address our request to share the 10 GHz band for broadband applications. We think our case is strong, but only time will tell.

The Mimosa 10 GHz FCC Petition

We believe this petition furthers the policy goals of the FCC’s published National Broadband Plan by significantly expanding the amount of spectrum available for broadband use nationwide.

It’s a Wireless World

Today, over half of Internet data is accessed via wireless networks that are supported by a fiber backbone. In the last six years alone, mobile data subscriptions have grown from just 4% to over a third of the world’s population. The growth in mobile subscribers combined with the deployment of smart devices is driving an ever-increasing reliance on wireless networks to provide Internet access.