A Throwback to Our Top Content!

Here's a look back at the most popular Mimosa content in 2017:

Mimosa Blog Posts

Among our most-read -- how-to blog posts, deep dives on new Mimosa products, and insights on hot industry trends. Here are the top five:


1. Firmware Release 2.4 Enables Rapid Network deployment and Reduces Installation and Operating Costs - Read more about new features that help you speed deployment and reduce costs for your last-mile multipoint wireless broadband networks.

2. Realizing the Hybrid-Fiber-Wireless Potential - Learn how Mimosa and the Broadband Access Coalition are promoting a hybrid-fiber-wireless architecture as the best option for local broadband competition.

3. Fixed Access Economics: Understanding Why Mobile Networks Cannot Bridge the Broadband Divide and What You Can Do About It - Consumers win with a competitive broadband market in the United States. Read our petition to the FCC and take action.

4. Antenna Selections for the A5c - Choices, choices. Read this one to learn the best antenna for your Mimosa A5c deployment.

5. Deploying a Diversity Link - Get our best tips and learn how we built an over the water, solar relay diversity link from Monterey Bay to Carmel Valley in California.

Mimosa Case Studies

Our top five customer case studies highlight interesting and unique Mimosa deployments around the world:


1. Joink - Tripled its network capacity with Mimosa to better service small and mid-sized businesses in the rural Midwest.

2. Sail Internet - Read how this Wireless ISP launched high-speed Internet service in a high-density area in the heart of Silicon Valley.

3. Prairie Hills Wireless - Serving rural Nebraska, Prairie Hills transformed its network with Mimosa, improving network speed and scaling its business in the process.

4. TNB Telecom - This Brazilian broadband provider upgraded their network to handle increasing traffic demands, achieving consistently high throughput in highly-congested areas.

5. Xcien - Learn how this Wireless ISP in Mexico brought reliable and high-speed internet to difficult to reach areas, while reducing costs by 25%.

Mimosa Videos

Mimosa customer videos and product install videos are on your "must watch" list. Here are your top five favorites:


1. An overview of the Mimosa Design Tool - Learn everything you need to know about the most comprehensive wireless link planning tool for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint networks.

2. An antenna selection video - Mimosa's Senior RF Support Engineer, Dustin Stock, shares how to choose the best antenna for your A5c.

3. Unboxing videos with the C5c - Join David Stiff, Mimosa's VP of Product Management, as he breaks down what's inside the C5c box.

4. The Mushroom Farm - Bill Cook and Randy Vaudt speak about the initial broadband challenges they faced and how Mimosa has made a huge difference.

5. Dillon Beach Internet - Hear from owner Brandt Kuykendall on why Mimosa was the best choice to bring fiber-fast internet to his community.

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