Massive Focus on Wireless


PTP Solutions for Any Deployment

The B24, B11, and B5x deliver aggregate speeds of up to 1.5 Gbps, with less than 1 ms of latency. Mimosa’s unique GPS Sync technology allows collocation and channel reuse. These products are built for reliability, with IP67 ratings and Dual-Link wireless redundancy.

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Offering Industry-leading price performance, the C5c and C5x deliver up to 700 Mbps, and supports an extended frequency range.

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Complete PTMP Product Solutions

PTMP Family

With end-to-end solutions for short and long-range wireless deployments, Mimosa’s access points, antennas and clients provide superior speeds to meet today’s networking demands.

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Custom-designed accessories enable rapid and cost-effective deployments. From industry-leading antennas, mounts and ESD protection, Mimosa makes installations easy.

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Manage Your Network With Mimosa Tools

We get the demands on your network. Subscriber growth, interference and environmental fluctuations continually impact your wireless network. Our goal is to make sure you can easily design and manage your network to provide the service your end customers demand. We offer a management platform, design tool, install app and more to help simplify things.