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Jump the Curb. Reach New Business.

Quick Installation Means Fast Revenue at a Fraction of the Cost

With more customers demanding fiber-fast internet speeds and higher capacity to support rich, immersive broadband experiences, is your network ready? As an independent cable operator, your cable and fiber networks are the backbone supporting growth, creativity, and innovation in your communities. But at the edge of the network, connecting potential subscribers can be an expensive and cumbersome proposition. Mimosa’s hybrid-fiber-wireless – “HFW” – solutions create an opportunity for you to jump the curb and secure high-value customers by quickly and easily extending your network capabilities with wireless broadband technology.

No Fiber? No Problem!

Whether you want the high reliability of licensed frequencies, or the overnight speed of unlicensed deployments, Mimosa’s fiber-fast wireless broadband solutions give cable operators the ability to extend coverage and service quickly and at a competitive price point. No trenching.  No lengthy permit process. Within days, your customers are seamlessly connected via both wired and wireless networks.

Trenching or stringing fiber is a costly and lengthy process involving a number of complicated steps including permitting, securing skilled labor and planning for backup links in the eventuality of accidental cuts.

A wireless PTP shorthaul link can provide fiber-fast broadband at a fraction of the cost and time to deploy.

How Does it Work?

The world has evolved, and so has your cable network.  What originally began as a disruptive technology to overcome the limits of over-the-air television signals, has since grown into a juggernaut of voice, data and video serving more than 98 million subscribers in 2017¹.

But even the largest networks have coverage gaps. The coax you installed to connect your television subscribers 20 years ago, may not connect the business owner wanting high-speed internet access just across the road. The fiber you install now is an expensive investment, and doesn’t make sense in areas where the ROI just isn’t there.

Mimosa is here to help.  By leveraging your existing fiber assets and extending the edge of the network with our patented product solutions and hybrid-fiber-wireless architecture, you can quickly gain new customers, and push your network out to every corner of your community.

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