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Fund Day Series

As the administration continues to support broadband development throughout the country, Airspan and Mimosa are here with the latest coverage on federal funding and local states' affairs. With our FUND DAY SERIES, we'll help you stay abreast of recently passed legislations, upcoming bills, and other relevant updates.

Arizona Broadband Development Grant Program

The Arizona Broadband Development Grant Program (ABDG) will enable local communities to construct or improve broadband infrastructure. $100 million is being committed to expanding high-speed broadband to underserved areas of the state – one of the single largest broadband investments in state history. Funded by the American Rescue Plan Act, the grants will serve both rural and urban parts of the state, and will reimburse costs associated with activities directly related to the construction, installation, or improvement of broadband infrastructure.

Empower Rural Iowa - Broadband Grant Program

Within the ARPA, the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund (CSLFRF) provides $350 billion for states, municipalities, counties, tribes, and territories, including $130 billion for local governments split evenly between municipalities and counties.


Learn how you can future-proof your network with Mimosa's new Wi-Fi 6E (AX) solutions. The A6 access point and C6x client radio set new standards for performance and reliability.

Closing the Tribal Connectivity Gap

With new funding available, such as the NTIA's Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program, tribal communities and their entities are eligible for the long overdue support that is needed to cover broadband deployment and adoption projects on tribal lands. Join us in Closing the Tribal Connectivity Gap on August 4, 2021.

Bridging the Digital Divide

Airspan and Mimosa by Airspan are pleased to present the Bridging the Digital Divide webinar. WISPs customers and resellers alike can gain helpful insights on the NTIA's Broadband Grant Program, and how to leverage Airspan and Mimosa by Airspan's groundbreaking technology before the August 17, 2021 deadline.

Whitespace and CBRS Updates

Mimosa, by Airspan is pleased to co-host a webinar with Herman & Whiteaker - a telecommunications and technology firm assisting clients as they navigate through the ever-changing world of telecommunications from both a legal and business perspective.

Introducing Mimosa's C5x Integrated Radio with Modular Antenna Options!

The Mimosa C5x is the industry’s most versatile, integrated radio with modular twist-on 12, 16, 20 and 25 dBi antenna options. Multiple antenna options streamline installation and reduce deployment and inventory costs. The C5x is upgradeable for both PTP and high-speed PTMP, delivering up to 700 Mbps of PTP and 500 Mbps of PTMP IP throughput. The C5x’s flexibility and price/performance sets a new benchmark for integrated wireless connectivity. Check out the On-Demand webinar to learn more!

Introducing the Industry’s Highest Performing Sector Antennas | Mimosa's N5-45x2 and N5-45x4

The Mimosa N5-45x2 and N5-45x4 are 5 GHz, 45-degree sector antennas for multipoint tower applications have the industry’s highest front-to-back ratio (43 dB), delivering 2x spectrum reuse, world-class noise-rejection, long-distance performance, and extended frequency operation from 4.9-6.4 GHz. Register for the On-Demand Webinar to learn more!

Mimosa's N5-360 is Here!

Introducing the industry’s first 4-port, beamforming, 360º antenna specifically designed exclusively for Mimosa’s A5c access point. Without sacrificing performance, the N5-360 operates over a wide frequency range, from 4.9 to 6.4 GHz. Watch the webinar below to learn more!

Introducción al nuevo radio B24

Estamos entusiasmados en presentar el Mimosa B24, un radio de backhaul liviano y fácil de instalar que ofrece un rendimiento gigabit, líder en la industria en la banda de 24 GHz sin licencia.

An Introduction to the B24

Introducing the Mimosa B24, a lightweight, easy-to-install backhaul radio delivering industry-leading gigabit performance in the unlicensed 24 GHz band. At a fraction of the weight, size and power consumption of competitive products, the Mimosa B24 delivers industry-leading price/performance, and perfectly fits the economics of broadband access in suburban and urban markets.

¿Cuándo es el Radio B11 Backhaul de Mimosa la herramienta apropiada para su Red Inalámbrica?

La velocidad de nuestros B11 te dejará sorprendido. Con un rendimiento agregado de hasta 1.5 Gbps UL / DL IP y brindando casi un gigabit de tráfico IP de baja latencia en la dirección necesaria, el alto rendimiento en espectro con licencia nunca ha sido tan asequible. Hector Mayorga, nuestro Director de Soporte Técnico y Servicio al Cliente, será el anfitrión del webinar. Regístrate hoy.

When Is Mimosa's B11 Backhaul Radio the Right Tool for Your Wireless Network?

Mimosa is the industry leader in gigabit licensed and unlicensed backhaul, with incredible performance at any distance for demanding consumer, business, and public safety applications. We'll share the current Mimosa product portfolio of licensed and unlicensed point-to-point (PTP) backhaul products, with a special focus on the Mimosa B11.

The Time is Right for Wireless Broadband—Mimosa Networks at the Needham Growth Conference

Join the webinar, The Time is Right for Wireless Broadband, presented by Brian L. Hinman, President and CEO, Mimosa. Mr. Hinman will discuss the $10B opportunity presented by the dire state of broadband in the US, and how advanced spectral efficiency technology can deliver fiber-fast wireless broadband in rural, suburban and urban markets for 1/10th the cost of leading LTE/5G and fiber alternatives.

Mimosa 2.4 Firmware Release Overview

The 2.4 point-to-multipoint firmware release enables rapid deployments for multipoint networks, cuts installation time and dramatically improves ease of use. The Mimosa multipoint access solutions already deliver the fastest subscriber speeds, highest capacity, and best price-performance commercially available for wireless broadband networks. Now, you can enjoy the new features in the 2.4 release too.

Choosing the Right Access Point Antenna

Choosing the correct antenna for the Mimosa point-to-multipoint (PTMP) solution is critical to delivering a high-performance wireless network. This webinar will review how to get the best ground coverage based on the subscriber density, distances, interference levels and terrain challenges; deployment options for density versus performance, and how to identify quality antennas.

Build a Fixed Wireless Network—Provide Value and Reliability

Presented By: John Colvin, Senior Vice President, Global Field Operations, Mimosa Networks and David Stiff, Vice President, Product Management, Mimosa Networks

Fixed Wireless Broadband Solutions for Utilities and Rural Electric Cooperatives

Until recently, municipal utilities and rural electric cooperatives that wanted to provide high-speed internet access to customers faced insurmountable economic challenges: bridging the last mile was just too expensive. You felt obstructed in your ability to help communities cross the digital divide. Now, however, the application of highly reliable wireless network technology can help. Join the webinar to learn more.