Utility Providers and Co-ops

Finding Value in Your Existing Infrastructure

The markets served by utilities and co-ops are ready for disruption. As business models evolve, uncovering the hidden value in your existing infrastructure to deliver new products, services, and value to your customers and members will be essential. Enter high-speed internet. Fiber-fast wireless broadband is starting to reach remote areas, and with the addition of technology from Mimosa Networks, you can promote development and revitalization projects in your communities. Download this tip sheet to help you launch a broadband service offering, and uncover the hidden value of your existing infrastructure investment.

“39% of the U.S. rural population lack access to broadband internet.”¹

By leveraging existing infrastructure, you can dramatically improve information access, aiding in education and job creation without the high-cost of having to extend physical fiber infrastructure.

“If you don’t have a digital connection, you are less likely to be able to succeed.”¹
-Ajit Pai, FCC Chairman

Download Tip Sheet

Download our guide with important tips to help you plan your new wireless broadband service. Bring your customers into the modern era of connectivity and close the digital gap for your communities.