Client/PTP Backhaul

Super Flexible and Super Fast

The C6x sets a new bar for affordable speed, as well as interference reduction. With the latest in Wi-Fi 6E OFDMA technologies, and access to new 6 GHz bands (which varies by country), the C6x achieves extremely low latency speeds of up to 1.75 Gbps. The C6x can be used as a directional PTP (point-to-point) backhaul, or PTMP (point-to-multipoint) client radio. A license key is required for PTP operation.

The Basics


Max PTMP/PTP (IP) Throughput




Extended Frequency


Integrated Radio with Modular Antenna Options

The C6x’s native 8 dBi gain can be increased to 12, 16, 20, or 25 dBi using Mimosa’s modular X-series twist-on antennas, offering the ease and simplicity of integrated radios, but with so much more flexibility for short to long range deployments.



12 dBi 29 dB F/B 27 dB F/S



16 dBi 50 dB F/B 43 dB F/S


Cassegrain Antenna

20 dBi 35 dB F/B 37 dB F/S


Cassegrain Antenna

25 dBi 40 dB F/B > 45 dB F/S


Broadband Service Providers

Public Safety Networks

Enterprise & Campus Connectivity

Multipoint Distribution for Security

Smart Cities & WiFi


Superior Noise Mitgation

The C6x reduces in-band noise impact across the operating channel with dramatically smaller 2 MHz resource units (RU) sizes instead of legacy OFDM solutions, where any noise impacted the full channel. Thanks to Wi-Fi 6E and OFDMA, the C6x can even be used in dense, urban environments.


Take PTMP to a New Level

Achieving up to 1.75 Gbps in PTMP (point-to-multipoint) deployments, the C6x pairs together with new multi-user OFDMA scheduling and beamforming technologies on the A6 access point to enable massive subscriber scaling, advanced noise management, and access to the new, low-noise 6 GHz band.



The C6x is IP67 rated, which means it can withstand the harshest elements and environments. Coupled with next-gen RF noise fighting features and new low-noise 6 GHz band support, the C6x leads the way in dependable connectivity.


How do I get a C6x?

Simply contact your closest reseller or distributor. Availability is expected in early 2022.

Can the C6x base radio at 8 dBi be used without an antenna?

Yes. You can use the base C6x 8 dBi radio without an antenna for short distance links. Please remove the locking screw from the twist-on screws to serve as a drain hole.

Do I need a license key for the C6x?

A speed license key is required for PTP operation. Contact your closest reseller or distributor for more information.

What distances are supported for C6x links?

This depends on the antenna size and regulatory power settings. The C6x and all the X-series antenna options are available in Mimosa’s Network Design Tool (NDT). It’s free and very easy to model a link, give it a try at: https://design.mimosa.co/designtool/ndt

Do the C6x + X-series antennas work with the Fleximount?

Yes, the Fleximount works for the C6x and N5-X12, N5-X16 and N5-X20. For the N5-X25 (25 dBi dish), the Fleximount XL is recommended.



Max Throughput

1.75 Gbps (IP) PTP or PTMP (with license key)


5150–6425 MHz


0.7kg (1.54 lbs)

Power Consumption

20 W max


8 dBi (native)
12–25 dBi (with antennas)

IP Rating


Build Material

Die-cast aluminum

Max Output Power

27 dBm

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