2017 Broadband Predictions from Mimosa

At the start of 2016, few could have predicted some of the major events that would impact the Internet connectivity industry. For example, a big surprise was AT&T’s launch of its DirecTV Now streaming service, which helped to release the binds that tie cord-keepers to the traditional linear TV service. In addition, the sudden pull-back of Google Fiber and other similar fiber deployments represented a sea change, shifting momentum to new fixed wireless technologies. Google, Facebook and the cellular 5G industry have been quick to support these innovations as the new alternatives for broad-spread, fiber-fast speeds.

2017 Predictions: High-speed broadband to require specific infrastructure, spectrum support

Mimosa predicts that ISPs across the globe will recognize that new methods are required to deliver ubiquitous, fast broadband.

AT&T 5G: Company Begins Testing 5G Streaming With DirecTV Now

At CES 2017, AT&T announced the latest expansion of its 5G connectivity, which will include a test of the technology's ability to handle streaming content using the company's own DirecTV Now streaming television service.

Broadband Access Skyrockets with Fixed Wireless in 2017

It’s good news to thousands of communities afflicted with Goldilocks syndrome, where cable and DSL is too slow, but fiber to the door is too costly. Now at last, the Mother of Invention has delivered a happy medium. It’s “fixed wireless.”

Service Provider Innovation: Bridging the Digital Divide and Bringing Broadband to the Back of Beyond

In Cisco Services, we are passionate about connecting the unconnected – so I’m always impressed when I see innovation aligned to this goal. And with service providers globally continually striving to differentiate their business, it’s also good to see how one person’s challenge becomes another person’s opportunity.

BT's broadband divorce - what it means for consumers

It is one of the most dragged-out divorces in corporate history but it seems that BT and Openreach will definitely go their separate ways. Talks between BT and regulator Ofcom to find a voluntary solution to the problem seem to have broken down. Ofcom has now begun the formal process of forcing a legal split. The big question is what will it all mean for consumers.

BT and Openreach to split: but what will change as a result?

After lengthy negotiations and a major consultation, telecoms regulator Ofcom has taken a step into the unknown with the announcement it will enforce the legal separation of BT and its heretofore arm’s-length infrastructure division, Openreach.

Ofcom runs out of patience with BT's grip on UK broadband

Ofcom is going to Europe to order BT to split off Openreach, which runs the UK's infrastructure.

Ofcom orders BT to split from Openreach

Telecoms regulator has sent a formal notification to BT, legally requiring the service provider to split from Openreach and that Openreach should become a distinct company within the BT group.

BT to split from Openreach: Industry reaction and analysis

The big news today is that communications watchdog Ofcom has put its foot down and ordered BT to split from Openreach after a huge amount of debate from within the industry. In light of the announcement, various industry professionals have offered their reaction and analysis.

BT Ordered to Separate Broadband Infrastructure Division

Telecoms regulator Ofcom has ordered BT to legally separate from Openreach, its division dedicated to maintaining and operating the UK’s broadband infrastructure.

Mimosa Networks Leverages Wireless to Deliver Fixed Broadband

Fiber is great for high-speed Internet access – that is if you have the time and money to deploy it. But wireless can provide a very nice alternative to copper or fiber, and at a fraction of the cost, says Jaime Fink, CPO and co-founder of Mimosa Networks.

Briefs: SpaceX, Artel, Mimosa, Amtech

Amtech Communications selected Mimosa’s backhaul radios to deliver superfast broadband connectivity to hundreds of multiple dwelling units (MDUs) across the U.S. Mid-Atlantic region.

Mimosa Future-Proofs Multi Dwelling Units with Lightning Fast Internet

Mimosa, the leader in cloud-managed, fiber-fast wireless networks, today announced that Amtech Communications has selected its backhaul radios to deliver superfast broadband connectivity to hundreds of Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) properties across the Mid-Atlantic region in the U.S.

Mimosa future-proofs MDUs with lightning fast Internet

Mimosa, the leader in cloud-managed, fiber-fast wireless networks, today announced that Amtech Communications has selected its backhaul radios to deliver superfast broadband connectivity to hundreds of Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) properties across the Mid-Atlantic region in the U.S.

Mimosa and Amtech create high-speed Wi-Fi for apartments

Mimosa said it is boosting Wi-Fi networking speeds for apartments and condos in a partnership with Amtech Communications. Mimosa’s technology will increase Amtech Communications network speeds from 30 megabits per second to 200 megabits per second, improving internet connectivity for residents across nine U.S. states.

Amtech deploys Mimosa wireless backhaul radios to boost broadband speeds

Mimosa technology increases Amtech Communications network speeds from 30 Mbps to 200 Mbps, improving internet connectivity for residents across nine US states

Delivering a 5G Future

The telecoms industry is gearing up for the rollout of 5G in the next couple of years, which is expected to provide Internet connections 40 times faster and with at least four times more coverage worldwide than current 4G connectivity. Delivering on these expectations requires a cost-effective and reliable means of providing connectivity on a massive scale, and Internet service providers (ISPs) across the globe are weighing their options for deploying 5G as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Market-leading networking, wireless communications products showcased as AfricaCom

AfricaCom, Africa’s largest annual communications congress and exhibition (15-17 November at the CTICC), has been selected by specialist distributor Duxbury Networking to showcase a broad range of networking and wireless communications offerings.

SEC DataCom gears up for Finnish expansion

Value-added distributor SEC DataCom has revealed plans to establish a physical presence in Finland next year in a bid to achieve its pan-Nordic ambitions.

Mimosa Announces SEC DataCom as Scandinavian Distributor

Mimosa Networks, Inc., the leader in cloud-managed, hybrid fiber-wireless networks for the post-copper era, announced today that is has appointed SEC DataCom A/S as a distributor of Mimosa products. SEC DataCom A/S is a Nordic-based value-added IT Distributor of products and solutions in the security, storage, networking and communications fields.

Fiber-to-the-home is expensive; could fixed 5G bridge the last mile?

To keep up with constantly increasing consumer demand for broadband to support emerging applications like streaming 4K video and virtual reality gaming, for instance, service providers are investing heavily in fiber optic network infrastructure. In some cases, major players like Comcast, AT&T, Verizon and others are deploying fiber-to-the-home to provide 1 Gbps or better download speeds.

Jaime Fink | Why Wi-Fi Based Solutions are the Future of Internet Access

Copper and fiber do not make economic sense for connectivity outside of a few select geographies. Major industry players are shifting focus and turning their attention to the potential of wireless to deliver ubiquitous, high speed access. Despite excitement around 5G, Wi-Fi technology is much better positioned to be the last mile access technology of choice.

Google Google Fiber pauses operations, loses CEO and cuts 9% of workforce

Google Fiber will be halting its operations in 10 “potential Fiber cities” while it refines its approaches, according to a blog post by Craig Barratt, SVP of Alphabet and CEO of Access. In yesterday’s post, Barratt stated Google Fiber must make changes to focus on its business and product strategy, and look at new technology and deployment methods. Barratt also announced in the post that he will be stepping down from his position as CEO of Fiber, and taking on an advisory role. In response to these changes, the company will be trimming down its efforts, laying off or reassigning about 9% of its staff, according to Ars Technica.

How the Government’s broadband targets can be achieved, wirelessly

Telecoms.com periodically invites expert third party professions to comment on the industry’s biggest challenges today. In this piece, Jaime Fink, co-founder of Mimosa, explains how wireless technologies can help meet the Government’s broadband expectations of 10 Mbps for all.

BT Openreach must look beyond fibre to satiate UK appetite for broadband

BT has been thrust into the spotlight this year, when faced with increasing pressure from politicians and the industry to divest its broadband infrastructure division.

MicroPoP offers fast wireless broadband to urban areas

Mimosa reckons its Micro Point-of-Presence (MicroPoP) network architecture enables service providers to deliver gigabit wireless broadband and achieve the same speeds as fibre for a fraction of the cost. The system combines Mimosa’s new A5 access point and the C5 client device. With its “unique” quad-sector antennas and massive MIMO technology, the compact A5 is claimed to be the industry’s fastest multipoint solution purpose-built for high-density deployments, and offers more than 1Gbps of aggregate capacity.

Will Millimeter Wave Work for 5G?

With the recent hype surrounding the practicalities of delivering 5G, and the push to crown millimeter wave (mmWave) wireless as the de facto approach, the natural question many are asking is “will it work?”

Can new tech spark a 'fixed wireless Renaissance?'

Everyone’s talking about 5G (if you want to know what we think of it read this) – meanwhile, what’s going largely unnoticed are the huge strides of advancement being made in good-ol’ fixed wireless access, or FWA. So what’s new on that front, you ask?

Brazil’s TNB Telecom uses Mimosa to add extra Rio bandwidth

Fixed wireless systems provider Mimosa Networks announced that Brazilian broadband provider TNB Telecom used its backhaul technology to support the significant rise in demand for online services throughout Rio de Janeiro over the past month.

Mimosa unveils 'fibre-like' wireless solutions at the ISPA iWeek 2016 event

US Wireless Vendor, Mimosa, will unveil its new Micro Point-of-Presence (MicroPoP) network solution at iWeek, South Africa's leading annual Internet Service Provider industry conference taking place from the 19 – 23 September 2016 at the Wanderers Club in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Mimosa’s Wireless Broadband Gear Brings Fiber-Like 1 Gbps to Rio during Olympics

Mimosa, maker of broadband equipment for “cloud-managed, fiber-fast fixed wireless networks,” enabled the Brazilian broadband service provider TNB Telecom to provide an additional 1 Gbps of bandwidth in Rio throughout the Rio Olympics, which caused a 700% surge in demand for bandwidth. TNB used Mimosa gear for locations throughout the city such as the highly congested Copacabana Beach hotel area where many international visitors stayed.

TNB Telecom selects Mimosa to support 700% increase in internet traffic at the Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro

Mimosa’s backhaul technology adds 1 Gbps of bandwidth to support dramatic increase in traffic for tourists and spectators during Brazil’s summer of sport

TNB Telecom selects Mimosa wireless backhaul tech to boost capacity in Rio

Mimosa, the cloud-managed, fixed wireless network provider, delivered 1 Gbps of additional bandwidth to Brazilian broadband provider TNB Telecom to support the huge rise in demand for online services throughout Rio de Janeiro during the 2016 Olympics.

TNB Telecom picked Mimosa for Rio Olympics support

Mimosa, the leader in cloud-managed, fiber-fast fixed wireless networks, delivered 1 Gbps of additional bandwidth to Brazilian broadband provider TNB Telecom to support the overwhelming rise in demand for online services throughout Rio during the last month. Using Mimosa technology, TNB Telecom provided high capacity services to locations across the city, including the highly congested Copacabana Beach hotel area where many of the international visitors were located.

TNB Telecom uses Mimosa tech to add extra Rio bandwidth

Fixed wireless systems provider Mimosa Networks announced that Brazilian broadband provider TNB Telecom used its backhaul technology to support the significant rise in demand for online services throughout Rio de Janeiro over the past month.

Mimosa Launches New Fixed Wireless ‘Last Mile’ Broadband Products

Mimosa Networks, which makes advanced Wi-Fi-based fixed wireless broadband gear and which The Online Reporter first reported on in May 2014, has launched new gear that enables service providers to deliver gigabit wireless broadband in densely populated urban and suburban areas.

Google said to suspend Silicon Valley fiber deployments as it evaluates ‘aerial’ options

Google has reportedly reassigned workers who were set to install Google Fiber in Silicon Valley, telling them the company is evaluating an alternative plan to “go aerial.” According to the San Jose Mercury News, city officials have been told that Google Fiber builds are delayed, but none have been told that plans are cancelled.

Google Fiber's Webpass acquisition may be behind San Jose, other cities' rollout delay

Google Fiber has put its planned buildout of 1 Gbps to San Jose, Mountain View, and Palo Alto, California, on hold, possibly to explore a cheaper alternative to wireline internet service in the wake of its acquisition of fixed wireless provider Webpass.

Google explores wireless alternatives to fibre

Google Fiber has put the brakes on its rollout in California, telling Palo Alto and Mountain View it is exploring cheaper options, according to Mercury News.

Reality Check: Using fixed wireless to expand broadband internet

By 2017, there will be approximately 3.6 billion internet users around the globe, or about 48% of the world’s population. The growing demand for internet connectivity is generating increasing pressure on broadband networks to provide internet access. However, it is becoming clear the existing broadband infrastructure in many countries is not capable of supporting the demand for reliable, superfast broadband.

ISPs call on businesses to speak out against Ofcom's proposals

Sky, TalkTalk and Vodafone launch Fix Britain's Internet Campaign and encourage businesses and consumers to make their voices heard during consultation process

Openreach ruling spotlights alternative broadband providers

Ofcom's ruling to give Openreach greater independence and autonomy is a 'fantastic opportunity' for new broadband solution providers to make their voices heard, according to Jaime Fink, co-founder at Mimosa.

Ofcom demands partial separation of BT and Openreach

The ruling is the most significant step taken so far in the protracted saga over BT’s ownership of wholesale broadband provider Openreach. Ofcom has been very vocal in its displeasure at the running of Openreach this year, with the regulator saying on multiple occasions that BT has failed to ensure quality of service to its own consumers and wholesale broadband customers. It has also repeatedly stated that BT’s ownership has led to chronic underinvestment in network infrastructure.

Mimosa delivers fixed wireless MicroPoP for urban, suburban areas

Having proven its mettle in the backhaul market, Mimosa is ready to roll with its new Micro Point-of-Presence (MicroPoP) network architecture, designed to enable service providers to deliver gigabit wireless broadband in densely populated urban and suburban areas.

Mimosa offers fiber-fast wireless broadband with MicroPoP architecture to urban, suburban areas

Mimosa MicroPoP technology can be used by new wireless internet service providers to rapidly bring their services to market and compete with existing broadband providers in urban and suburban locations.

Mimosa unveils Massive MIMO ‘last mile’ gigabit wireless broadband solution

Micro point-of-presence architecture combines A5 access point with quad-sector antennas and massive MIMO technology and the C5 client device to enable fixed wireless internet service providers to deliver fibre-like speeds to densely populated areas.

Mimosa Networks introduces multipoint, last mile wireless system

To provide wireless, high speed internet access to densely populated areas, Mimosa Networks developed the new Micro Point-of-Presence (MicroPoP) network architecture. MicroPoP enables internet service providers to rapidly and economically offer internet access to new locations or underserved areas.

Mimosa Uncorks Cheap Broadband With Snap, Crackle and MicroPoP!

Fixed wireless -- for so long the red-headed stepchild of the mobile scene in the US -- now appears to be enjoying a broadband renaissance, and startup Mimosa wants to be at the heart of it with its new, low-cost "MicroPoP" offerings.

Suburban Broadband Wireless Equipment Launched

While broadband wireless equipment traditionally has targeted rural deployments, a new offering launched today by Mimosa Networks is designed specifically for suburban deployment, explained Mimosa Vice President of Marketing Brad Day in an interview.

Mimosa Brings Fiber-fast Wireless Broadband to Urban and Suburban Areas with MicroPoP Architecture

Mimosa, the leader in cloud-managed, fiber-fast fixed wireless networks, has launched its Micro Point-of-Presence (MicroPoP) network architecture, enabling service providers to deliver gigabit wireless broadband to densely populated urban and suburban areas.

Mimosa Networks Wins Seven Prestigious Industry Awards Including Manufacturer of the Year

Mimosa Networks, a cloud-managed gigabit wireless company, announced today that it won a total of seven prestigious industry awards, including the 2015 WISPA Manufacturer of the Year. The awards were announced at this year’s WISPAPALOOZA trade show sponsored by the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA). In addition to “Manufacturer of the Year,” Mimosa won “Best User Interface,” “Best Functionality and Feature Set,” “Highest Capacity in 80+ MHz,” “Lowest Cost per Bit in 80+ MHz,” “Lowest Cost per Bit in 40 MHz,” and “Best Support.”

Mimosa Networks Introduces B11 Backhaul Radio to Meet Increasing Wireless Traffic Demands

Mimosa Networks, a pioneer in gigabit wireless technology, today announced the B11 Backhaul radio with Massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) technology. Designed for the modern bandwidth market, this fiber-speed, high-precision licensed radio is a cost-effective solution for ISPs to efficiently and easily build out high-capacity, scalable wireless networks without having to lay fiber.

Mimosa Networks rolls out B11 for 'Backhaul to the Future'

Calling it "Backhaul to the Future," Mimosa Networks announced the B11 backhaul radio with massive multiple input/multiple output (MIMO) technology. It's designed to give wireless ISPs a high-precision licensed radio at a cost-effective price.

Mimosa Announces New Global Partner Program

Program empowers Value Added Resellers to expand business and improve profitability by participating in exclusive Mimosa partner benefits

Mimosa encouraged by Senate support for 10 GHz

Executives at Mimosa Networks are encouraged by a recent letter a bipartisan group of Congressional leaders sent to the FCC urging the commission to explore spectrum-sharing opportunities in the 10 GHz band.

Mimosa Announces the First Hotspot-to-the-Home Gateway

The Self-Installed, Window-Mounted Device Connects Homes to Outdoor Access Points to Provide Internet Access at Up to 500 Mbps

Mimosa Announces World’s First Outdoor Wi-Fi and Fixed Internet MU-MIMO Solution

The Fastest Speed and Highest Capacity (250+ Clients) Access Solution for Wi-Fi and Fixed Access Applications in History Will Forever Change the Way Consumers Connect

Mimosa Wins Wi-Fi Industry Best New Venture Award

Best New Venture Award - Mimosa

How Wi-Fi Could Revolutionize The Way We Use The Web

"When people hear 'Wi-Fi' they say, 'That’s that thing that doesn’t work very well at my house,'" says Jaime Fink...

Mimosa Promises to Bring Google Fiber Speeds to Wi-Fi Networks

While traditional Internet providers are still scrambling to come up with a response to Google Fiber, a startup called Mimosa Networks Inc. is leapfrogging ahead with new low-cost backhaul hardware and a suite of complementary cloud services for delivering gigabit-speed wireless connections. The launch takes aim at the growing bandwidth challenge of the fast-expanding connected universe.

Mimosa Networks Launches Its First Gigabit Wireless Products

Mimosa Networks is finally ready to help make gigabit wireless technology a reality. The company, which recently came out of stealth, is launching a series of products that it hopes to sell to a new generation of wireless ISPs.

Mimosa Networks Unveils First Products in “Cloud-to-Client” Internet Access Ecosystem

High-Capacity Backhaul and Cloud-Based Planning and Analytics System Will Bring Reliable Fiber Speed Internet to Communities Worldwide

Mimosa Wants FCC to Open 10.0-10.5 GHz Band for Backhaul

Two-year-old startup Mimosa Networks wants the FCC to open up the 10.0-10.5 GHz band for lightly licensed broadband services that would share...

Mimosa Secures $20 Million in New Funding Led by NEA

“The wireless industry is set to explode in the coming years, and Mimosa’s technology is unique in its ability to help networks scale to meet the needs of the global communications market,” said Greg Papadopoulos, venture partner, NEA. “We are excited to have the chance to ‘double down’ on a company so clearly poised to transform and revolutionize the wireless space.”

Quantenna Announces Plans for 10G Wi-Fi Chipset

The ability to use an array of many antennas and MU-MIMO processing to increase speeds and subscriber capacity while reducing interference is known as Massive MIMO.

Mimosa Petitions FCC, Advocating Spectrum Sharing Strategy for 10 GHz Band

Mimosa Networks, Inc., an innovator in next generation Internet access, today announced its FCC petition advocating for the shared allocation of the 10.0-10.5 GHz band for lightly licensed wireless broadband applications.

Mimosa Announces 802.11ac Integration with Airspan’s LTE Small Cell Products

Mimosa Networks, Inc., an innovator in next generation Internet access, announced today a technology partnership with Airspan Networks Inc., a leading provider of 4G LTE wireless network solutions. Airspan will incorporate Mimosa’s access and backhaul technology into its AirSynergy product line, expanding LTE small cell capacity by simultaneously leveraging both licensed and unlicensed spectrum.

Quantenna Communications Partners with Mimosa Networks to Provide Exclusive Wireless Chipset Solution

Quantenna Communications, Inc., a leader in ultra-reliable Wi-Fi networking for whole-home entertainment, and Mimosa Networks, Inc., an innovator in next generation Internet access, announced today a collaboration in which Quantenna will be the exclusive provider of 802.11ac Wave 2 technology to power Mimosa’s cutting-edge unlicensed wireless hardware suite. Additionally, Mimosa will partner with Quantenna in the joint development of enhanced physical layer and link layer technologies.