Nemont Telephone Selects Mimosa Networks for Fiber-Fast Wireless Broadband Services

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – September 12, 2017 – Mimosa Networks, the leader in 5G Fixed wireless solutions, announced today that Nemont Telephone Cooperative (Nemont) has selected the company’s fiber-fast wireless solutions to deliver ultra-broadband fixed wireless services to underserved subscribers in Montana.

With thousands of rural customers in its 14,000 square mile service area, Nemont is challenged with delivering a compelling broadband experience to all of its customers over existing copper-based DSL infrastructure. The business case for deploying fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) architectures is difficult, if not impossible, in some of the extreme high cost, low customer density areas within the Nemont footprint.

Enter Mimosa Networks. “Fixed wireless is another tool in our broadband tool kit to rapidly advance our mission of connecting rural customers to the world,” said Mike Kilgore, CEO of Nemont. “It enables us to connect these customers in an efficient and cost-effective manner, making it possible to deliver a compelling broadband experience to our customers sooner when compared to other wireline-based alternatives.”

Prior to selecting Mimosa, Nemont considered alternative solutions to deliver the minimal broadband speeds of 10Mbps down/1Mbps up to meet the FCC mandates. With the new Mimosa MicroPoP and GigaPoP architectures, Nemont can now far exceed the FCC minimum requirements, delivering in excess of 100Mbps services to its customers, allowing those customers access to Nemont’s various telecommunications service offerings.

Nemont deployed its GigaPoP networks by using the Mimosa A5c access point, the Mimosa C5 and C5c client devices, and Mimosa cloud-management tools. This next generation fixed wireless architecture allows Nemont to reach customers who previously were out of reach of traditional broadband services.

“We are excited to partner with Mike and the progressive, innovative Nemont team to bring ultra-broadband to the rural communities and remote areas of Montana,” said John Colvin, SVP of Global Field Operations. “Fixed wireless is a rapid, cost-effective and scalable solution for delivering the ultimate broadband experience to any and all customers, including those that historically have been underserved by today’s standards.”

Colvin continued, “We look forward to working closely with Nemont in its plans to accelerate our fiber fast wireless deployments in order to answer the call of connecting its customers to the world.”


About Nemont Telephone Cooperative: Nemont Telephone Cooperative is a facilities-based telecommunications service provider serving over 14,000 square miles of Northeastern Montana, Northwestern North Dakota, South Central Montana, and Northern Wyoming. Along with its subsidiaries Sagebrush Cellular, Project Telephone, Missouri Valley Communications and Nemont Communications Incorporated, Nemont Telephone Cooperative is committed to connecting our rural customers to the world through innovative Wireline and Wireless Broadband services. Nemont Telephone Cooperative was organized in 1950 and is headquartered in Scobey, Montana. Nemont can be reached at 1-800-636-6680 or at

About Mimosa Networks, Inc.: Mimosa Networks is the leader in next-generation, Hybrid Fiber-Wireless fixed access broadband solutions. Mimosa access, backhaul, and client devices empower service providers to deliver ultra-broadband connectivity in suburban, urban, and hard-to-reach rural areas at a fraction of the cost of fiber, driving new industry competition and closing the global connectivity gap. Mimosa’s technology demonstrates unprecedented levels of efficiency, sharing scarce spectrum concurrently across an entire network. Founded in 2012, Mimosa is based in Silicon Valley and deployed in over 130 countries worldwide.