Welcome to the Gigabit Fixed Wireless Era: Introducing the A6 and C6x Wi-Fi 6E Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) Point Solution from Mimosa

Boca Raton, FL & Las Vegas, NV, Oct. 12, 2021 - Mimosa, a subsidiary of Airspan Networks Holdings Inc. (NYSE American: MIMO) today introduced its new A6 Wi-Fi 6E, 802.11ax access point platform, the first gigabit-speed fixed wireless access (FWA) point-to-multipoint (PTMP) solution that improves performance, scaling and reliability, featuring up to 7 Gbps throughput for outdoor broadband networks and 5G backhaul infrastructure. This launch, which also features the C6x Wi-Fi 6E radio, is a new Airspan milestone, providing fiber-like speeds for wireless internet service providers (WISPs) and FWA networks to bring the Internet to unconnected areas, as the demand for high-speed internet connectivity is greater than it has ever been.

In addition to the super-fast, fiber-like speeds, the new products feature:

  • The first and only Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) platform built exclusively for the larger 160 MHz channels in the expanded 5 GHz band and upcoming 6 GHz band, recently approved by the FCC. Operating from 5.150 GHz to 6.425 GHz.
  • The A6 can support more than 200 subscribers – a 4X increase
  • The corresponding C6x radio is capable of subscriber speeds of up to 1.75 Gbps, a major milestone
  • The first and only FWA platform with SFP+ and dual fiber port switching
  • The lowest latency platform: OFDMA AP scheduled uplink frequency map allows simultaneous subscriber transmission, enabling a greater than 4X latency reduction over 802.11ac products -- 1 millisecond in Wi-Fi mode, 5 milliseconds in TDMA mode
  • The only FWA solution with in-channel noise isolation and interference management. Wi-Fi 6E offers superior noise cancellation

The 6 Series is based on new Wi-Fi 6E technology using 1024 QAM, OFDMA, channel bonding, MU-MIMO and beamforming technologies. The A6’s feature-rich solution delivers significant leaps in reliability and performance, making the unlicensed spectrum band even more scalable for ISPs to use than ever before. The A6 also eases the path for 5G network densification using CBRS spectrum.

“Our new 6 Series FWA solutions introduce a new generation of high-performing fixed wireless technologies to take PTMP performance to a new level, and is another example of Airspan’s innovation and technology leadership,” said Airspan President and CEO Eric Stonestrom. “Airspan’s latest technology leverages commercial WiFi 6E chips and spectrum for gigabit broadband applications. With the importance of gigabit speeds in major government-funded programs like RDOF, the 6 Series provides WISPS, ISPs and mobile network operators the ability to deliver network performance with fiber speeds, at a vastly lower cost than fiber.”

The 6 Series equipment is currently being tested by customers.

For more information on Mimosa’s gigabit fixed wireless portfolio, visit www.mimosa.co.

About Airspan

Airspan Networks Holdings Inc. (NYSE American: MIMO) is a U.S.-based provider of groundbreaking, disruptive software and hardware for 5G networks, and a pioneer in end-to-end Open RAN solutions that provide interoperability with other vendors. As a result of innovative technology and significant R&D investments to build and expand 5G solutions, Airspan believes it is well-positioned with 5G indoor and outdoor, Open RAN, private networks for enterprise customers and industrial use applications, fixed wireless access (FWA), and CBRS solutions to help mobile network operators of all sizes deploy their networks of the future, today. With over one million cells shipped to 1,000 customers in more than 100 countries, Airspan has global scale. For more information, visit www.airspan.com.

About Mimosa Networks

Mimosa Networks, a division of Airspan, is the global technology leader in wireless broadband solutions, enabling service providers to connect dense, urban, and hard-to-reach rural homes at a fraction of the cost of fiber. Mimosa access, backhaul, and client solutions are deployed in a hybrid-fiber-wireless architecture, and engineered for both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connections, across a variety of diverse applications including residential and business high-speed internet access, surveillance, public safety, education, and hospitality networking. Mimosa Networks was acquired in 2018 by Airspan, the leading vendor of 4G/5G wireless densification solutions. Learn more at https://mimosa.co.