Mimosa Petitions FCC, Advocating Spectrum Sharing Strategy for 10 GHz Band


CAMPBELL, California – March 12, 2014 – Mimosa Networks, Inc., an innovator in next generation Internet access, today announced its FCC petition advocating for the shared allocation of the 10.0-10.5 GHz band for lightly licensed wireless broadband applications.

Open for public comment until April 10, 2014, the petition seeks to protect current users of the band – federal and non-federal radiolocation services, and amateur radio operations – while simultaneously opening the band to fixed and mobile broadband users. Successful implementation of Mimosa’s spectrum sharing plan will allow operators to use the minimally congested 10 GHz spectrum for backhaul traffic, freeing up and promoting the more efficient use of the unlicensed 5 GHz bands for point to multipoint operations.

Mimosa believes the petition to be aligned with the FCC’s stated policy goal to expand broadband access nationwide. “Telecommunications are increasingly migrating toward an Internet fiber backbone,” said Mimosa CEO, Brian Hinman, “Mobile device traffic is predicted to be 15 times greater in 2017 than today. Given the limited spectrum resources available, we believe it is time to explore new ways to share frequency in a manner that supports existing users and expands the footprint of the Internet.”

“Licensed fixed access under Part 101 regulations has been the traditional method of backhauling traffic, but those licenses can be difficult to obtain,” added Jaime Fink, Mimosa’s Chief Product Officer. “Higher frequency spectrum alternatives will always suffer from weather and environmental disruptions, making them unsuitable for long-distance backhaul applications. Opening the 10 GHz band would enable longer, more reliable links that will expand opportunities for lower cost Internet service.”

The Wireless Internet Service Provider Association (WISPA) is broadly supportive of Mimosa’s spectrum sharing goals. Rick Harnish, Executive Director of WISPA, said, “It is great to see new manufacturers like Mimosa, developing state-of-the-art technology that adopts a spectrum sharing approach. With finite spectrum resources, the future of telecommunications needs to promote efficiency. As the demand for spectrum continues to rise, we must continue to be great stewards of the resource.”

Mimosa is actively seeking comment on its petition and encourages interested parties to visit our website or contact us at regulatoryaffairs@mimosa.co to learn more and support the petition.

About Mimosa Networks, Inc.

Mimosa, an innovator in next generation Internet access, exploits the most advanced Wi-Fi technology to design and manufacture outdoor gigabit wireless platforms for service providers demanding fiber speed networks. Mimosa technology provides the highest level of scale, capacity and reliability for multiple verticals and applications. Founded in Silicon Valley in 2012, the company is led by Brian Hinman, notable CEO and founder of 2Wire, Polycom and PictureTel, and includes experienced executives and key talent from leading telecommunications and consumer product companies.

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