Partner Profile: Alternetivo, Czech Republic

Located in the Czech Republic, Alternetivo was founded in 1996 by a close-knit group of classmates at Prague’s local technical university. Alternetivo expanded quickly over the years, and now offers a full suite of advanced technology solutions to carriers, ISPs, system integrators and resellers in the IT and communications space.

Alternetivo first encountered Mimosa in 2015 at the WiFi Innovation Summit in San Francisco where Alternetivo was introducing their Maxifi software. In conversations with the Mimosa team, they admired Mimosa’s spirit of innovation and followed the company and its technology closely from that day on.

When Mimosa released the B24 backhaul radio in Spring 2018, Alternetivo immediately foresaw the success of that product with its wireless-savvy customer base. Disruptively priced at up to half the price of other carrier-class 24 GHz solutions, the B24 wins against the competition with its small form factor, low power requirements, and its superior rain reliability at 3 km (2 mi) versus competitive 60/70/80 GHz alternatives. As predicted, Alternetivo has seen tremendous success with the launch of the B24 throughout the Czech Republic.

Even in a crowded equipment space, Alternetivo believes that Mimosa stands out. “Mimosa solutions offer a lot of new opportunities for our customers, whether it be for WISP backbone connectivity or connection of enterprise or VIP customers,” said Ondrej Valenta, CEO at Alternetivo. “The high performance, dependability and stability of Mimosa solutions in addition to innovative cloud management and simple installation set them apart from some of the other available solutions.”

Building on the initial success of the B24, Alternetivo partners closely with Mimosa on a variety of marketing activities – exhibiting at Alternetivo’s Partner Conference in Prague, Brno and Bratislava, and then at KKTS in Olomouc in Eastern Czech Republic. Additional events are planned including the ISP Tech Update in Slovakia later this year.

For Alternetivo, great products are important, but people matter too. “We also feel a personal connection with Mimosa due to way they show the human touch behind their technology,” continued Valenta. “We are excited to partner with Mimosa and bring faster speeds and improved return on investment to our customer base.”

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