Smart, Safe Cities

Extending Your Security Footprint at a Fraction of the Cost

  • Are you a town manager wanting to upgrade security in your municipality?  Or an IT professional charged with extending surveillance to sites that are not connected to fiber?
  • Do you have a robust plan for connecting multiple surveillance cameras to a high-speed network, capable of reliably and securely handling huge spikes in real-time and HD video?
  • Can you support multiple sites feeding bandwidth-heavy traffic simultaneously, and how do you ensure the throughput of the rest of your network is not affected?

As the population of our cities grows, surveillance and security take on new importance – reduction of crime, decreased traffic congestion and the ability to process and interpret the avalanche of data all lead to safer environments and an improved quality of life.

No Fiber?  No Problem.

In areas where you have access to fiber, your network connection may be relatively simple.  But for those areas where fiber is not available, or for temporary security installations, connecting each end point back to the internet can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive. 

Mimosa is here to help.  By delivering fiber-fast wireless broadband solutions that connect all of your surveillance devices to the fiber backbone, you can quickly and affordably extend your security footprint to places fiber can’t reach.

Mimosa’s solutions can be deployed in both a Point-to-Point topology, bringing traffic from a single site to your fiber backbone, or in a Point-to-Multipoint architecture, allowing multiple sources to reliably send high-quality, high-speed data back to the network operations center.

Whether you’re planning for enhanced video surveillance or Internet of Things (IoT) data streaming, Mimosa’s wireless connectivity solutions are ideal for carrying massive amounts of mission-critical traffic at fiber-fast speeds.

Want to learn more?  

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Customer Stories



Viginet-IP deployed Mimosa’s point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solutions in an urban control network throughout Buenos Aires, Argentina, connecting dozens of locations within a 30km radius, all feeding back to tower aggregation sites and eventually to fiber. “With Mimosa, we found a solution tailored to our needs, that allows us to provide high-speed connectivity in very demanding bandwidth traffic conditions such as real time video and high definition.”



In preparation for Miami’s MLB All Star Game, Cintel deployed close to 50 Mimosa devices in just under three weeks, using both point-to-point backhaul and point-to-multipoint access devices.  With much of the equipment located on mobile surveillance trailers throughout Miami, Cintel ensured the highest flexibility in deployment as the trailers could be moved on demand. “The network handled the [traffic] perfectly, from a high-rise apartment building in Miami Beach to a command post located downtown with blazingly fast bi-directional speeds of up to 250 Mbps.


Contact us today to discover how Mimosa can help you build a robust and scalable security network that goes beyond your infrastructure limitations.