Powering Smart Farms

Fiber-Fast Internet Delivers Greater Profitability, Sustainability and Safety

As a farm manager or agribusiness owner, today’s advanced technology offers you access to critical data previously unavailable in the agricultural industry: real time video to monitor livestock, IoT sensors to monitor water, voltage and temperature settings, and connected control systems for irrigation. 

But if your rural location keeps you from having affordable and reliable access to high-speed internet, your ability to take advantage of these opportunities is limited. 

No Fiber? No Problem.

Mimosa is here to help. By deploying wireless broadband solutions that reliably connect all of your internet-connected devices to a fiber backbone, you can quickly and affordably take advantage of ultra-fast connectivity to make your farm business more profitable, sustainable, and safer. And you will be connected to the world, with social and support networks at your fingertips!

Mimosa’s solutions can be deployed as a single link in a point-to-point configuration, streaming up to a Gigabit of bandwidth to your site from a fiber backbone many miles away. Or in a point-to-multipoint architecture, providing high-quality, high-speed bandwidth to multiple connected devices across the entire farm.

The potential of your business should not be constrained by the limits your geography. Mimosa’s wireless connectivity solutions will help you grow into the next phase of the industry, reliably delivering massive amounts of mission-critical traffic at fiber-fast speeds.

Want to learn more?

Contact us today to learn more about Mimosa’s wireless broadband technology and discover how Mimosa and our service provider partners can help you create the fiber-fast wireless network to bring your farming and agribusiness operations into the modern era.

Customer Stories



Deep in the American Midwest, Traverse County needed a reliable and high-speed offering for its rural residents, capable of handling both commercial farming IoT applications, and residential video streaming and distance learning. Advantenon deployed a reliable, affordable network of Mimosa’s point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solutions, to connect the community to critical business and educational resources.



Targeting local farming businesses in rural Scotland, Lothian Broadband needed to deploy a network able to deliver ultra-broadband speeds to outlying farms. Lothian deployed Mimosa's signature hybrid-fiber-wireless architecture, deploying Mimosa B5 and B5-Lite backhaul links to connect to their network of fiber-fed masts. The new network transformed the digital landscape in the area, with Lothian customers seeing speeds in excess of 200 Mbps.

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