Enabling Broadband Connectivity to the Himalayas

High-speed internet delivered at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time.


Nepal Air Link Pvt. Ltd. was established with the mission to offer high-speed and cost-effective internet services in one of the world’s most remote regions. The company aimed to provide internet connectivity to tea houses, lodges, hospitals, schools, and the base camp in the Everest region of Nepal.


Nepal Air Link Pvt. Ltd. sought faster speeds to overcome interference and bandwidth limitations in Nepal’s unlicensed spectrum. Established in 2022, Nepal Airlink needed a solution capable of delivering high-speed internet at a fraction of the cost of fiber or licensed-band PTP solutions.


The company opted for a point-to-point backhaul solution utilizing Mimosa's B5x, C5c, and C5x products, designed to withstand the region’s severe environments.


Nepal Air Link successfully delivered internet speeds ranging from 500 Mbps to 1 Gbps using Mimosa C5c, C5x, and B5x, eliminating the noise of unlicensed bands and operating on a cleaner spectrum. Additionally, due to stable bandwidth, Nepal Airlink expanded its franchise network within the region within six months of operation.

In one of the world’s highest altitude regions, Nepal Air Link Pvt. Ltd. is facilitating high-speed, affordable internet access in the remote areas of the Solukhumbu district in Nepal. Maintaining connectivity is crucial for Nepal Air Link, which collaborates closely with regional groups and local foundations such as the Namche Youth Group, Women's Group, Khumbu Hotel Association, and the Department of National Parks to disseminate information to tourists and community members.

The company's primary goal is to provide reliable service to locals, visiting tourists, trekkers, climbers, government offices, schools, and hospitals within the Himalayan region. Nepal Airlink faced the significant challenge of avoiding interference while enhancing internet speeds. To address this challenge, Nepal Air Link turned to Mimosa for its reliable product portfolio and rugged terrain capabilities.

The chosen high-performance point-to-point solution employs Mimosa’s B5x, C5c, and C5x radios. The B5x provides Nepal Airlink with the industry’s fastest unlicensed point-to-point solution, enabling long-distance connections through its Twist on Antenna feature. Moreover, the B5x offers extensive bandwidth control options to adapt to changes in traffic demand.

The upgraded IP67 design of the C5x and B5x ensures resilience against the harsh winters and cooler summers of the Himalayas. The C5c steered Nepal Airlink away from the congested, unlicensed 5 GHz band onto a clearer spectrum, mitigating interference and establishing link distances between 50-60 km.

According to Nepal Air Link CTO Mr. Shekhar Bahadur Singh, Mimosa’s superior solutions, including increased reliability and capacity, have facilitated the addition of more clients and the expansion of local franchise networks. Singh emphasizes that the enhanced capacity and reliability position Mimosa’s performance above that of competitors’ solutions.

Nepal Airlink is committed to fulfilling its promise of providing the "fastest internet" by meeting the expectations of travelers, hikers, and mountain climbers and serving the community within the Solukhumbu district. Increased connections enable more resources to enter the area, while improving communication and safety for tourists experiencing Nepal’s beauty for the first time.