Mimosa Reveals Striking New Logo

By Rochelle Thompson

Since our acquisition by Radisys Corporation in August 2023, Mimosa has embarked on a mission to rejuvenate and reimagine our product offerings. As we enter this new phase within the Radisys/Reliance Jio family, we felt it was time to elevate our game and initiate some daring changes. Our first step was the appointment of Jim Nevelle as our SVP and General Manager for Mimosa. And now, we proudly unveil our second bold move: a vibrant shift in our logo color to a daring, more intense shade of orange.

This isn't just any ordinary hue of orange; Mimosa Networks has carefully crafted a shade that is as distinct and unforgettable as the company itself. Imagine the Silicon Valley skyline at sunset, ablaze with fiery orange tones that spark creativity and embody the spirit of innovation. That's the essence of the orange we're embracing – bold, brilliant, and undeniably Mimosa.