Mimosa + Quantenna – Synergy Defined

By Jaime Fink

The dictionary defines “synergy” as two things that work together to create something greater than the sum of its parts. Though the term suffers a bit from overuse, in this case, the word “synergy” could not be more a more apt description of Mimosa’s relationship with Quantenna Communications over the past three years.


Since our inception, Mimosa has been laser focused on delivering products with the unprecedented levels of capacity and scalability required to power the wireless networks of the future. From the outset, we knew that Quantenna Communications was the right technology partner, knowing that we shared a common vision to deliver the next generation of “Massive MIMO” technology to network subscribers, both inside the home and, in Mimosa’s case, outdoors.

Working closely in partnership with Mimosa, Quantenna today took another step to secure its position as the global leader in Wi-Fi with the introduction of its proprietary “Wave 3 Technology.” Wave 3 offers highly configurable, 8x8 Multi-User MIMO radios, modulation levels to 1024 QAM, and the only advanced Wi-Fi technology operating in 2.4 GHz.

Exploiting these next-gen Wave 3 features, Mimosa will continue our plan to deliver best-in-class products that provide for higher-density deployments, higher speeds per client and higher reliability – all of which are required by ISPs wanting to deploy wireless networks that can ultimately compete with legacy fixed wireline services.

We are proud of our continued association with Quantenna. We look forward to even more synergy with them in the coming months as together we realize the promise of Massive MIMO – bringing more scalability, capacity and reliability to the next generation of service provider networks.