Mimosa Spectrum Proposal Receives Boost From WISPA

By Jaime Fink

We want to thank the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA) for recently backing Mimosa’s proposal of wider channels in the licensed 23 GHz band, reaffirming broad support for this initiative across the industry. In July, Mimosa urged the FCC to modify the rules to expand the current 50 MHz maximum channel width, with proposals for 80 MHz, 160 MHz and 320 MHz channels.


WISPA stated, “(Our) members, many of which provide fixed wireless broadband services to rural areas, would benefit significantly from the ability to use wider channels. The continuing increase in demand for bandwidth to support broadband content and streaming video sources requires WISPs to have the ability to increase throughput and speed to improve the customer experience and mitigate network congestion. Wider backhaul channels will enable WISPs to accomplish these objectives, especially in rural areas where fiber may not be available or affordable.”

We agree. Through the use of advanced MIMO technologies and non-contiguous channel aggregation techniques, Mimosa believes the 23 GHz band can deliver significant capacity gains at greatly reduced costs.

With a higher efficiency standard, high performance radios can leverage the wider channels while mitigating interference through better spectrum utilization. Together, this change will give operators the opportunity to provide much higher data throughput than is currently possible in this band, giving ISPs the ability to offer 10 Gbps service – speeds which match that of fiber.

Learn more about the petition on the 23 GHz band and how you can get involved.