New 2.3.0 Firmware Streamlines Installation of A5 and C5 Series Products

By Jaime Fink


With the availability of firmware version 2.3.0, we welcome support for the new, long-range Mimosa C5c connectorized client for Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint applications.

Along with support for the C5c, we’re also introducing a host of new features designed to streamline Mimosa A5 access points and C5c series deployments. As many ISPs are rapidly scaling their deployments in dense urban and rural areas, our goal is to continue to improve the deployment experience, reducing subscriber-install time onsite and improving reliability of the service. Together with new field installer tools like our new Mimosa Install App for Android and iOS, we’re focused on reducing field installation and maintenance costs!

Here’s a quick overview of the new features included in 2.3.0:

  • Auto-AGC and Client Association Assist – The A5 series provides advanced interference management through an important noise “squelching” gain control feature called Auto Gain Control (AGC), which only listens for intended signal levels above the local noise floor. The new Auto-AGC feature automatically adjusts these levels, eliminating manual configuration based on client signal levels connected to the A5. Once automatic analysis is complete, adding new clients to the A5 is easy with a new Client Association Assist feature that allows you to reassess AGC settings temporarily as you add a new client, and establish updated AGC settings based on the newly added client. This greatly simplifies the tuning process for each access point, adapting to localized noise conditions and intended client signal levels.

  • DHCP Option 82 – With Option 82, the A5 can now provide information to a DHCP server about the location in the network of a DHCP client (e.g. consumer router/gateway), sitting behind a specific C5 series device. This is useful to allow consumers and businesses to “Bring Your Own Router”, which were previously unknown or untrusted to the network. This identification procedure can also help an ISP assign the desired IP address to the subscriber, without complicated manual configuration on their router.

  • SNMP – Adds comprehensive SNMPv2c support to the A5 series for monitoring and alerting, for integration into off-the-shelf network-wide monitoring platforms.

  • Lights Off! – Many ISPs deploy the A5 products on utility poles and rooftops deep into populated neighborhoods, and bright LED indicators often annoy the local inhabitants. While Mimosa LEDs already auto-adjust based on daylight hours, you can now also manually adjust to low, medium, high, or off. Don’t worry, indicators will still activate during a major error condition to notify an onsite technician. And There’s More - Many additional improvements and fixes take the Mimosa access product experience to the next level - read about them in the release notes.

Enjoy the new release and please keep in touch with our great support team to give us ideas on how to continually improve the Mimosa solution!