Mimosa's New Podcast - Series 1: "How to Start a WISP"

Hello, and welcome to the new Mimosa Podcast!

It’s no secret that Mimosa loves WISPs – every product or service we design is built precisely with service providers in mind, whether it be ease of installation, blow-away price performance or real-time network management. So when it came to starting a podcast, choosing the topic was easy – we can’t think of anything we’d rather talk about than the ins and outs of running a WISP!

Are you interested in the WISP business, but don’t know where to start? Never fear! The first series of the podcast will cover all of the gory details on “How to Start a WISP”. Each week, two of Mimosa’s senior field engineers, Dustin Stock and Eric Thompson, will take listeners through a series of how-to episodes covering topics like:

  • How to Choose a Coverage Area;
  • Network Planning and Design; and
  • Billing and Customer Management.

With their real-world WISP and engineering experience, Dustin and Eric are ready to share their secrets, and answer any questions you may have. We will also be hosting special guests who have been through the process of starting and maintaining a successful WISP, offering their own practical examples and tips for success.

You can find our new Mimosa podcast on YouTube, SoundCloud, iTunes and Google Play! Don’t forget to subscribe today, and email your questions or comments to podcast@mimosa.co. You just might find yourself as a special guest in an upcoming episode!

Happy Listening!