Real Support from Real People

By Lee Peterson


One of the underlying principles of Mimosa is to build the sort of company that we ourselves would want to deal with. Crucial to delivering a high-quality customer experience is support. Online help and community forums are table stakes in the wireless networking space. They’re certainly important for those that want to self-support or to interact with other users, and that is why we invest a lot of time into these channels. We’ve taken it one step further and offer live online support provided by a seasoned team that covers pre and post sales. The team’s sole purpose is to ensure our customers are happy. Their charter is to educate and help answer customers’ questions, not just deal with problems.

In hiring a support team, we focused on the talent we wanted on the team. To provide a superior experience, we hire network and RF subject-matter experts, and then provide training on our own extensive outdoor test network so they know how to configure, deploy and manage Mimosa products in real-world conditions.

How to Interact with Support?

Our support team is available Monday-Friday from 7AM-7PM US Pacific Time. The quickest way to reach the team is via online chat, which can be accessed from Outside of our normal operating hours, you can enter your question and our support team will get back to you as soon as they see the message the next business day. You can also email

What Can I Do to Ensure Top Notch Support?

The most important thing you can do is to connect your devices with our free cloud monitoring service. This means that when you contact us, with your permission, we can review the logs and historical performance of each device. This allows us to quickly pinpoint any problems and determine an appropriate remedy. Cloud monitoring is not mandatory since our device collects a snapshot of this same information that can be shared offline, but the ability to visualize data over time provides additional insights that are useful in diagnosing complex interactions between different RF parameters, for example.


How Does Support Help Mimosa?

Our support team acts as the “Voice of the Customer”, often being the first to hear about the experiences of our users. This is the leading determinant of our engineering priority and roadmap. You may have also noticed that we are very easy to reach via social media, although it is not our primary support mechanism. Our commitment to you as customers is to always be very straight and transparent in any dealing you may have with us. We’re very proud of the quality of our support and the efforts of our award-winning support team. We view it as a critical to our success and are continuing to invest in the people and tools to allow us to better serve our customers.