Updated Mimosa Design Tool Simplifies Access Point Planning

By David Stiff

We are excited to announce the update of Mimosa’s Network Design Tool with full point-to-multip­­oint support for our A5 and A5c access devices.

In conjunction with our point-to-point link planner, the upgraded design tool allows you to quickly prototype and estimate the performance of both Mimosa access/client and backhaul products in your network, and select the optimal product to fit your use case. The updated design tool provides an improved framework that allows you to design your entire wireless network with both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint designs.

Access and Client Planning

The Network Design Tool now provides calculated viewshed-based access point coverage planning for the A5 and A5c. Link performance and reliability are automatically calculated taking into account terrain elevation, weather, tree clutter and interference. The viewshed heat map makes it easy to visualize coverage areas and predict which subscribers are able to be serviced based on terrain data.

To simplify your choice of Mimosa client device, a new, easy-to-read color map clearly indicates which type of client device is recommended for optimal performance and suggests the appropriate height and antenna gain if a C5c is required.

A5 Suburban Planning

A5c Rural Planning

New Design Tool Features (PTMP):

  • Full Line-of-Sight viewshed visualization and coverage planning for A5 and A5c
  • Automated noise calculation based on deployment environment
  • Embedded sector antenna selection for easy calculation
  • Single-click subscriber path profiling with recommendations for C5 type, antenna and height recommendations.

Enhanced Backhaul Planning

In addition to the updated access point planner, point-to-point planning has also been boosted with a detailed installation report to assist with onsite radio positioning (including heading and tilt guidance). Testing line-of-sight for a proposed backhaul link is now easier than ever, with the link fly-through now updated to work without the installation of the Google Earth application.

Point-to-Point Installation Report

New Design Tool Features (PTP):

  • Updated fly-though
  • Point-to-Point installation report

It’s free and easy to use – try it today!

The Mimosa Network Design Tool provides an easy, integrated way to plan and validate point-to-point and point-to-multipoint deployments by simply clicking on a map. To use the updated planning tool, go to www.mimosa.co and sign-up for a free cloud account. Once online, click the Design section to begin designing your ultrafast Mimosa wireless broadband networks!

Integrated Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint Planning

As always, contact support@mimosa.co if you have any questions or need help getting started.