We Don’t Talk Enough About This Amazing FlexiMount…

By Jaime Fink


Every installation is unique, which is why flexibility in mounting approach is critical. In the category of tooting our own horn, the Mimosa FlexiMount is the most flexible, compact mount available, allowing attachment to any vertical or other angled pole or any flat surface.

When it comes to mounting, you never know quite what you’ll need until you’re on-site. Whether it’s utility poles, stop lights, house siding, or angled rooftops, the FlexiMount easily tackles them all.


The FlexiMount comes assembled ready for vertical pole configurations, using pipe clamp slots. It can also be mounted in any orientation on angled and flat poles. Designed with two convenient mounting screw hole points, the FlexiMount facilitates mounting to any vertical, sloped or horizontal surface. To pivot the articulation direction, rotate the mounting base axis in 90 degrees constraints to achieve the desired orientation.

With 105 degrees of articulation adjustment and adjustable pivot position, the FlexiMount is the industry’s leading mount, and we’ve made it extremely rugged yet affordable, so it can be your go to compact mount for virtually any client radio installation.

Check out our new video demonstrating all of the FlexiMount mounting approaches.

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