Welcome Celeti Tecnologia LTDA

Mimosa is excited to announce its newest distributor: Celeti Tecnologia LTDA.

Based in Brazil, Celeti Tecnologia has a history based in routing and GPON products as well as SFP and radios for the ISP market. The team has been following Mimosa since 2015 and identified its solutions as a strong fit the ISP market in Brazil. "We are thrilled to cooperate with Mimosa to expand its operations for the Brazilian ISP Market. There are more than ten thousand ISPs in Brazil and there is a very strong demand for Mimosa innovative products," said Fabio Moreira Marketing Director at Celeti. 

Mimosa’s innovative fixed wireless solutions will complement Celeti’s extensive range of wired and wireless broadband networking equipment from top-tier global manufacturers. Celeti foresees a strong demand for Mimosa solutions by many different customers that will benefit from being more connected, including schools and enterprises in rural areas that are currently relying on Wireless ISPs for broadband. Key solutions for wireless internet service providers and enterprises will be point-to-point (PTP) and point-to-multipoint (PTMP) links, particularly for backbones and high-speed last mile networks. The Mimosa product suite will offer their customers a unique solution unmatched in price/performance.

“[The] ISP market in Brazil loves the Mimosa product and we will help to expand even further the great fit between Mimosa and Brazil,” said Mr. Moreira. João Diniz, Sales Director of Celeti continued, “[The] Brazil Market will now finally have the right product readily available and ISPs will be able to use our credit lines to expand their networks further. It is without precedent the amount of credit lines directed to ISPs use Mimosa products and have a quick return in the investment.”  

The team at Mimosa is looking forward to extending its reach in Brazil in collaboration with Celeti and its strategically located sales and distribution facilities in Palhoça-SC.

Welcome Celeti Tecnologia LTDA, we’re glad to have you onboard!