“Works with Mimosa” Makes Light Work of Accessory Selection!

By David Stiff

The new page features the full selection of Mimosa’s custom-designed mounts, power supplies and Network Interface Devices, and for each product, provides a short overview, specifications and compatible products.

We are also pleased to introduce the “Works with Mimosa” program, which features a list of third-party antennas that are recommended for use with each of Mimosa’s connectorized radio products, highlighting several cost-effective, high-reliability and high-performance options.

Tested specifically for interoperability with our own Mimosa radios, we hope that the “Works with Mimosa” information will assist in your network deployments. For specific questions not addressed on the site or for information on how to qualify your antenna under the “Works with Mimosa” program, feel free to reach out to our award-winning Mimosa chat support team.

And while we are on the subject of antenna selection, don’t forget to watch our webinar for “Choosing the Right Access Point Antenna”. One of our most popular webinars to date, the 50-minute session outlines how to get optimal ground coverage based on subscriber density, distances, interference levels, and terrain challenges, and drills down into deployment options for density versus performance. It also provides guidance on how to easily identify quality third-party antennas.

We hope you find these new resources useful as you plan and deploy your Mimosa-powered networks. If you have additional suggestions or feedback on the Accessories page, please contact marketing@mimosa.co.