VALL Technologies Deploys Mimosa to Bring High-Speed Connectivity to Cycling’s Largest Event in Colorado

VALL Technologies Selects Mimosa for Denver Cycling Event


VALL Technologies was looking for a high-speed, easy, and elegant solution for a bicycle and music event in Denver. Key goals were to provide a fiber-fast, reliable network, to provide free Wi-Fi to visitors, video streaming and vendor Point of Sale connectivity.


A high capacity solution that could take advantage of existing fiber assets.


The company deployed a network of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint links with Mimosa A5c connectorized radios, Mimosa A5 access devices and Mimosa C5 client devices.


Even under heavy load, the network was very reliable with fiber-fast speeds, delivering up to 700 Mbps connectivity for the attendees and vendors.

When tapped to provide high-speed connectivity at the inaugural Velorama Colorado Biking and Music Festival in Denver, Ron Valdez, CEO at VALL Technologies, knew that they would have their work cut out for them. Expecting crowds of over 30,000, the event was the brainchild of the State of Colorado, looking to reinvent bike events by blending men’s and women’s races with over 100 pro riders, a large music festival and food, beer and crafts. The bike races, which covered Denver, Colorado Springs and Breckenridge, were sanctioned by Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) and designated as a 2.HC race, the highest category outside of World Tour races.

Simplicity Wins Every Time

The forward-thinking wireless consulting and installation firm set to work immediately. Valdez evaluated what infrastructure existed and proceeded to design the wireless network. “Elegant and simple is how I like to describe our plan,” said Valdez. “I took advantage of the fiber drop and designed a network of point-to-point (PTP) and point-to-multipoint (PTMP) links which would support not only the video streaming and Wi-Fi requirements but the point-of-sale (POS) demands for vendors.” After researching several high-speed alternatives, Valdez decided to use a Mimosa A5c connectorized radio to connect to the fiber via a core switch and then deployed a Mimosa A5 access device and five Mimosa C5 client devices to provide Ethernet drops for vendor POS demands. The furthest C5 client device was located over 2,000 feet from the A5 access device.

Winning Results

The installation was an eye opener for Valdez. “From setting up the Mimosa solution to going live, this was the easiest and fastest deployment I have ever managed,” said Valdez. “The staging process was flawless, and the installation was 20% faster than usual. You never see this!”

“This was the easiest and fastest deployment I have ever managed”

On the day of the event, with the network in place, Valdez saw fiber-fast speeds averaging 300 Mbps and as high as 700 Mbps, despite the extremely high traffic loads. The key applications were streaming TV for the races, POS systems, vendor booth support for custom applications, Wi-Fi logins, and VIP/artist internet access. “The most satisfying part for me was that in addition to being fast, the network was very stable with no interruptions at all – even when we occasionally changed IP addresses. It was impressive how it held up so well.”

Post-event, Valdez is back at work focusing on his main business activities including setting up Smart Cities, and working with hospitality, construction, and education clients. “Velorama was a fun and important project for us,” said Valdez. “Not only was it easy to deploy, it also showed us the true potential of Mimosa solutions. We will be deploying Mimosa in many more applications going forward.”

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