Unlocking Exceptional Connectivity: CETIN'S Success Story with Mimosa Radios

CETIN Deploys C5x and B5x Radios to Deliver High-Speed Internet


Red Beagle, a Mimosa Premier Partner, worked closely with CETIN, a Network as a Service operator, to deliver fixed wireless access to difficult to reach communities in Serbia.


As customer demand for exceptional connectivity continues to rise, there is a need to ensure that the network infrastructure can support increased bandwidth requirements while maintaining the remarkable quality and reliability.


CETIN has deployed a number of C5x and B5x radios to deliver high-speed fixed internet services to Yettel customers who demand exceptional connectivity.


CETIN has deployed a number of C5x and B5x radios to deliver high-speed fixed internet services to Yettel customers who demand exceptional connectivity.


About CETIN:

Following global industry trends, CETIN has been established in Serbia as a provider of fixed and mobile infrastructure services to telco operators, ISPs and other companies in the Serbian and regional market.

Thanks to their innovative partnerships, highly skilled and motivated employees and customer driven approach, CETIN’s objective is to provide cutting edge communication infrastructure solutions, an unparalleled efficiency and outstanding network performance for our clients, by driving sustainable technology development and anticipating future needs.

CETIN in Serbia provides Network as a Service (NaaS) by owning and operating transport network, with more than 8800 km of fiber optic and 2615 pairs of microwave lines, and one of the largest GSM/UMTS/LTE and LTE Advanced access network infrastructure in Serbia, with more than 2500 locations across the country, aiming to further improve service quality in terms of availability, reliability, safety, capacity and consistency

Yettel Serbia runs all its radio access technologies on CETIN infrastructure.

As a technology company, CETIN Serbia is dedicated to offer high-performance wholesale services based on continuous improving telco infrastructure deployment, operations and maintenance and efficient utilization of assets, while the commercial companies, to whom CETIN provides infrastructure as a service, focus on their customers and their communication needs.

With around 300 employees, 24/7 support and extensive infrastructure deployment, CETIN is the most sought-after provider of wholesale services. Lead by independent management of internationally recognized experts with autonomy in designing client-centric solutions, we are providing superior services and highly competent and professional approach to all clients.

CETIN Serbia aims to position itself as a reliable communication partner for all community by covering wide range of connectivity demands in various ecosystems.

About Red Beagle

RED BEAGLE is a Belgrade-based company specializing in engineering services within the field of electrical engineering. Primarily, the company is engaged in the installation and cabling of power supply, telecommunications, and signaling systems. They also handle the distribution of telecommunications equipment and installation materials to mobile operators and internet service providers. RED BEAGLE has been a valued partner of Mimosa for the past seven years in the Serbian market. (www.redbeagle.rs)