City of Getaria Offers Enhanced Services to Inhabitants

Switched out their outdated Wimax infrastructure with Mimosa B5 and B5-Lite


City of Getaria, Spain
Employees: 80


With a population of about 2,700, Getaria is a picturesque coastal town located in Basque Country in the North of Spain, midway between Bilbao and Pamplona. The town is famous for explorers, white wine and high technology – in 2012, a two-man team from Getaria modeled a 3D representation of their hometown and won Google’s “Model Your Town” competition.

The Getaria City Council was running an outdated Wimax infrastructure with links running at only 286 Mbps. The city's goal was to implement a high-speed, multifunction network that offered three improvements for the City and its inhabitants:

  1. An exclusive network for Getaria’s City Council
  2. Fast and reliable Internet access for citizens in the center of town, the beach area and surrounding neighborhoods
  3. A network infrastructure for smart services that could connect sensors deployed in various parts of the city and measure different parameters including air quality.


Telecom Integrator Telenor Comunicaciones, S.L. proposed the Mimosa B5 Backhaul radio as the optimal solution to cover the local government's needs. They recommended installing ten B5 backhaul radios between the City and the neighborhoods of Askizu, Fronton, Meaga, Orio and San Prudencio. The five links between the six towns were deployed in the 5570 GHz – 5850 GHz spectrum on towers and local buildings.

“Thanks to Mimosa, we are going to be able to provide advanced services to our town.”

The installation resulted in a significant improvement of the speed of the links, with the Getaria-Orio trunk speed increasing to over 600 Mbps and was completed in less than two weeks.

“Thanks to Mimosa, we are going to be able to provide advanced services to our town,” said Nikanor Lertxundi Ibarguren, Mayor of Getaria.

“The performance of the Mimosa links have far exceeded our expectations,” said Iñaki Sainz Paredes, Town Hall Secretary of Getaria. “Given our coastal location, we were concerned about ducting and SNR. We were excited to see that these were not an issue and were impressed with the ease of installation.”

What’s Next?

The City plans to continue to work with the residents to ensure it offers useful and leading-edge services.

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