Lynx Consult Brings High-Speed Internet to Bulgarian Children’s Cancer Center


Lynx Consult is a technical installation and service provider for information technology, security, and communications systems.


The Rehabilitation Center for Children with Oncohematological Diseases had no local internet providers in the area. They needed fast and stable connectivity.


Mimosa B5c radios for long-distance, point-to-point (PTP) backhaul with a 5 GHz parabolic dish antenna were used over a 22 km link.


Mimosa delivered amazing performance at an affordable price. The products are rugged and keep running without issues, despite several days of heavy rain.

Lynx Consult was established in 2011 with the mission of offering high-tech solutions to its customers. They offer a wide range of products and services designed for home, office, and industrial needs, including information technology (internet, VPN, wireless), security (CCTV, fire alarm, access control), and communications systems (VoIP, cabling).

Recently, Lynx joined in on a charity project for The Rehabilitation Center for Children with Oncohematological Diseases. The Center, located on 3.6 decares in the rural village of Opishvet, Kostinbrod, Bulgaria, provides social and emotional support to children battling various forms of cancer, along with their families.

Having a good, stable internet connection to serve the children and families, as well as the Center administration, was a critical requirement to achieve their mission.

Lynx came in and assessed the situation. While the Center already had an internal Wi-Fi network set up, they didn’t have a way to connect back to a local internet provider. To solve this problem, Lynx chose to go with a wireless backhaul that utilized Mimosa’s products to deliver high-speed internet to the rehabilitation center.

“We found Mimosa products very easy to install and configure”

“We found Mimosa products very easy to install and configure,” a representative from the Center said.

With a 22 km distance to the ISP, Lynx installed two Mimosa B5c units for long-distance, point-to-point (PTP) backhaul with a 5 GHz parabolic dish antenna. The B5c is one the industry’s fastest connectorized, unlicensed solution. Besides low latency and high speed, Lynx found Mimosa’s products delivered superior stability and better technology options at a competitive price. While unlicensed spectrum can be unpredictable, the Mimosa B5c radio’s unique multi-channel, auto-everything technology just keeps the links operating.

“Mimosa’s solution is mandatory to have if you need stable and secure internet connection.”

Lynx found that where similar links with a competitor product could not handle more than 150 Mbps, Mimosa’s products delivered speeds around 300 Mbps. And that was limited by the speeds coming from the ISP. Lynx has since requested a 1 Gbps connection from the ISP so the Center can gain the full speed benefits of Mimosa’s high-speed wireless backhauls.

In addition to the speed advantage, Lynx found Mimosa provided a latency edge over competitive products—4 ms with Mimosa versus 60-70 ms latency and dropped packets from other manufacturers. As an added bonus, Mimosa’s rugged, carrier-grade IP67 design kept working without issue despite several days of heavy rain.

“Serious business needs serious connectivity—Mimosa is the right choice,” explained Momchil Radomirski, CEO of Lynx Consult.”