OSNet Wireless Blankets Puerto Rico with High-Speed Internet

Mimosa Fixed Wireless Delivers Huge Cost-Savings


Puerto Rico-based OSNet was looking to augment its existing fiber network with reliable, flexible wireless broadband solutions, to support broadband speeds for residential and business customers.


Given the punishing tropical climate, OSNet needed a rugged and fiber-fast fixed wireless network capable of meeting the needs of both business and residential customers.


OSNet leveraged Mimosa's signature hybrid-fiber-wireless architecture, deploying the entire portfolio of Mimosa wireless backhaul solutions to extend their network of fiber-fed towers.


Mimosa's point-to-point wireless backhaul solutions have injected the required speed and capacity into the OSNet network, and have proved fundamental to restoring service after recent natural disasters.


Covering over 90% of Puerto Rico, OSNet Wireless is used to thinking big. Since its inception in 2008, the Humacao-based wireless ISP has made it its mission to blanket the island with high-speed internet connectivity. OSNet’s status as a communications leader makes it a natural partner for Mimosa’s wireless broadband solutions, implementing the most innovative and efficient technology available to deliver high-quality services to the underserved areas of the island.

The company most recently added its wireless broadband offering to both business and residential customers. Business customers can choose from a variety of services, including data transport, voice over IP, cloud and security streaming services, with speeds of up to 1Gbps.

OSNet’s residential wireless internet service gets customers up and running within three to five business days with speeds of up to 12 Mbps download/ 3 Mbps upload. “Customers love our service,” said Ivan Rivera Beltran, CEO of OSNet Wireless. “We offer great value for customers who want high speeds, and no data limits.”

Bouncing Back with Mimosa

OSNet has numerous towers connected to the island’s fiber, and typically deploys a hybrid-fiber-wireless architecture throughout the network.

After Puerto Rico was hit by not one but two hurricanes last year, Mimosa’s portfolio of wireless backhaul products helped them quickly re-establish connectivity. “Mimosa was critical for our rebuilding efforts,” continued Rivera. “After the hurricanes, most of the fiber was damaged. Mimosa’s flexible and lightweight radios helped us to recover our network connectivity, in some cases in just a matter of hours.”

Favoring Mimosa’s reliability, speed and durability, the WISP has now deployed a large number of Mimosa B11 and B5-Lite backhaul radios, B5c connectorized radios, and C5c devices for point-to-point links throughout its critical backbone infrastructure.

“Mimosa solutions are a great addition to our network,” continued Rivera. “We use Mimosa fixed wireless products in our high-traffic areas and have seen huge cost-savings due to the efficient handling of traffic. The products are also rugged which is a huge advantage given our tropical location and climate.”

““Customers love our service. Mimosa solutions are a great addition to our network.””