Aerospace Leader Sofitec Connects with Mimosa


Sofitec wanted to connect two office buildings with a point-to- point network


A solution that could handle high speeds and local interference


Sofitec deployed Mimosa B5 backhaul radios


Sofitec was able to realize the high speeds and reliability required

With spectacular growth over the last year, Sofitec, a worldwide leader in the aerospace industry, was looking to expand its operations with a new plant in Seville, Southern Spain. The new site was designed to provide support for all corporate operations as well as to coordinate activities with other company facilities in Aerópolis, an aerospace industry hub located outside Seville, some 8 kilometers (5 miles) away from the original headquarters.

To better facilitate communication between the two offices and minimize costs, Sofitec wanted a new, point-to-point corporate network. The industrial location presented a number of challenges, including high interference and noise levels from the nearby Seville airport. Sofitec required the network be high-speed, robust and reliable, and in addition to handling the distance between the locations, the network had to be available 24/7 requirements given Sofitec’s nonstop, no-wait time manufacturing model. The company also had a requirement that the network be up and running within 24 hours.


Sofitec sought the assistance of local distributor, Wifidom and Wellness Telecom, a company providing organizations with technological solutions and telecom services, for advice on selecting and installing the point- to-point link. Wellness Telecom carried out a full analysis of the project and its requirements and recommended the Mimosa B5 backhaul radio as the best point-to-point link in the 5 GHz range.

Easy to deploy, the B5 is the highest capacity unlicensed 5 GHz backhaul solution for short and mid-range link applications. The radio automatically keeps links up with two independent operating channels, and adapts on the fly using auto-everything technology, resolving problems proactively to deliver optimal link speed and reliability.

“The Mimosa solution has exceeded our expectations.”

“The Mimosa solution has exceeded our expectations,” said Antonio Peña, IT Manager Sofitec. “The simple and reliable high-capacity solution has ensured optimal connectivity between our networks.” Sofitec is using unlicensed spectrum which can be unpredictable, but they felt secure with the B5 backhaul radio which has custom-engineered multi-channel and auto-everything technology, so links are protected even when there is interference.


The deployment was accomplished in 16 hours, well within the customer’s requirements. The links provide 1 Gbps bandwidth with 99% availability. Sofitec also takes advantage of the Mimosa Cloud+ service, with vast data collection and analysis to assess link health and identify potential problems.

Up next for Sofitec? The company plans to continue to evaluate new Mimosa offerings to maintain it’s position as a leader in technology, knowledge and attitude, offering the global aerospace market more and improved value-added projects.