Viginet-IP Secures Buenos Aires Neighborhoods with Mimosa


Managed municipal services provider monitors cities, businesses, and transportation


A reliable and high-speed end-to-end solution able to handle the demands of real-time video


Deployed Mimosa B5-Lite backhaul radios, Mimosa C5 client devices, and Mimosa A5 access points


The network is meeting the high-bandwidth demands and seeing speeds of 120 Mbps

With over 15 years of experience in telecommunications and data transport, Viginet-IP S.A. is a leading provider of managed municipal services for local governments and municipalities in the Buenos Aires province in Argentina. The company offers high-quality surveillance solutions to provide monitoring in urban, manufacturing, transportation, and tourism applications. With the requirement to transmit ultra high-definition, real-time video, Viginet-IP has a voracious appetite for high-capacity bandwidth.

The company has urban control systems deployed in over 50 municipalities, where live camera feed is paired with real-time analytics to recognize and flag specific license plate numbers, and provide real-time preventative monitoring with high-resolution images and long-range capabilities. Viginet-IP also deploys cameras in manufacturing and transportation applications for a variety of companies where they are used for operational control, supervision of processes, and property protection. Viginet-IP also deploys cameras for real time tourism, with cameras at the Iguazu Falls and the Provincial Park of Sierra de la Ventana.

With strong demand across all sectors, and with at least two new municipalities coming online each month, Viginet-IP teamed with local distributor, Wireless Tigre, to find a new high-speed, high-capacity solution. After extensive evaluation, Viginet-IP selected Mimosa devices for its point-to-point and point-to-multipoint deployments in local government networks. With the Mimosa solution, Viginet-IP was able to replace some of its legacy point-to-point deployments with Mimosa. The result has been reduced installation times, and lower operation and equipment costs in comparison with previous point-to-point deployments.

“With Mimosa, we found a solution tailored to our needs.”

Viginet-IP deployed Mimosa A5 access points, Mimosa C5 client devices, and Mimosa B5-Lite backhaul radios in the Pellegrini and Carhue-Adolfo Alsina municipalities of Buenos Aires. The Mimosa A5 access points and Mimosa C5 client devices were used to connect locations within 1,200 meters, with the B5-Lite radios being used to connect towers to aggregation sites and to connect to fiber. The multipoint connections between the different locations are variable and range from 100 meters to 30 kilometers. The Mimosa A5 access points are handling traffic at speeds of up to 120 Mbps, and are all running in auto mode, with only one A5 access point using manual frequency settings.

Working alongside local municipalities, Viginet-IP plans and installs each of the network deployments. For each project, a preliminary analysis is undertaken where deployment variables are defined. A site survey allows Viginet to minimize deployment times as it secures an optimal network design. The company takes into consideration variables such as line of site, Fresnel zone clearance, minimum antenna centerline, power availability, non-conventional power protection, and grounding. Thanks to the preliminary work, implementation times are typically very short - the Pellegrini municipality required only five days to deploy and activate the complete network. The Carhue municipality took only 12 days to complete deployment.

“With Mimosa, we found a solution tailored to our needs, that allows us to provide high-speed connectivity in very demanding bandwidth traffic conditions such as real time video and high definition”, Electronic Engineer Federico Pablo Perez, Owner General Manager, Viginet-IP.

Viginet-IP utilizes Mimosa’s Technical Support and enjoys the ability to both chat online and have live conversations. “The chat support is very effective and very quick,” said Perez, “but it can be very effective to do a quick call to exchange opinions and observations. The live exchange tends to be deeper and richer.” In addition to the customer support, Viginet-IP appreciates Mimosa’s commitment to increasing quality with each new firmware revision. “Each release is a tremendous advance, and we congratulate Mimosa on its commitment to customers,” said Perez.

In addition to building out their existing municipality customers, Viginet-IP has plans to continue rolling out solutions in additional municipalities around Buenos Aires and further afield, with plans to evaluate the Mimosa A5c connectorized solution to increase both scale and coverage options.