Mimosa Cloud Tools

A comprehensive network & device management solution, built to scale

We get the demands on your network. Subscriber growth, interference and environmental fluctuations continually impact your wireless network. Our goal is to make sure you can easily design and manage your network to provide the service your end customers demand.

Mimosa Cloud services bring simple network planning and big data analytics to your wireless network to help your business grow.

Reliable Architecture

We have taken a modern approach to our cloud services architecture, to provide you the most reliable service. With multiple data centers, scalable database structures and a micro service based infrastructure running with 24-hour support, we take care of the reliability for you.

Extreme Network Flexibility

We have built our services to give you the maximum flexibility in how you manage and design your networks. Do you work on multiple networks? No problem, you can create as many as you want. Do you want to work with a contract network designer? We can do that too - just invite them to your network and they can help you out. We offer you the flexibility to create and manage as many networks as you want.

Secure. Period.

Running an ISP network requires top notch security to protect your customers and your network. We have built our system so that only your devices connect to us. Once connected, we establish a secure tunnel directly to your device. You can then view all of the historical data from your devices and use our enhanced services if you want.

Cloud Tools That Work




Install App

The Mimosa Install App for Android and Apple iOS devices sets a new standard for ISPs to easily and efficiently control installation processes for off-the-shelf client devices, speeding up and simplifying customer installations.

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Trees grow, houses are built, new sources of wireless interference appear, extreme weather conditions occur and suddenly your network is not working the way it should. Mimosa helps you plan for both theoretical and actual network performance.

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The cloud + big data = a greater level of insight into your network than ever before possible. Mimosa Cloud Services gives you one stop management, monitoring and sophisticated analytics for Mimosa devices, and coming soon, monitoring of third-party wireless and networking equipment.

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Cloud Features

Device Statistics
Custom Network
Statistics Reporting
Spectrum Data
Historical Statistics
Status Notifications
Award-Winning Support