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The Mimosa Management Platform (MMP) for On-Premises & Private Deployments

The Mimosa Cloud established the first highly-scalable and reliable cloud monitoring solution in the Fixed Wireless industry. MMP is a new, added solution that allows on-premises or private cloud hosting, introducing full network management and carrier-grade capabilities. This new solution easily scales to meet the needs of WISPs and large-scale carrier PTP/PTMP networks with a wide range of hosting, scalability, and redundancy options. Offering end-to-end network management capabilities, MMP simplifies and reduces operations deployment, truck-rolls, and customer support.


Significantly more features, as requested by users


Effectively monitor and keep track of what is going on


Deployable on any private network or cloud instance


Get extensive northbound APIs


Free and paid licenses (A, B, C, D) available

Free and Paid MMP Licenses to Fit Your Needs

MMP monitoring and basic device configuration are offered license-free, with optional, paid, premium capabilities for high scalability, redundancy, northbound API integration, and large-scale deployment management.

License A = Basic
License B = Pro
License C = Extended
License D = Multi-Server


Scalable & Reliable Cloud Management

Tried and tested, the cloud-hosted Mimosa Cloud is a comprehensive network and device management solution. Our goal is to make sure you can easily manage your network to provide the service your end customers demand. With multiple secure data centers, scalable database structures, and support around the clock, we take care of the reliability for you. It also provides you with the flexibility to create and manage as many networks as you want.

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What is the Mimosa Management Platform?

The Mimosa Management Platform (MMP) is a standalone, on-premises, private instance cloud for Mimosa customers. This will function just like the cloud-hosted platform you are used to, but you have full control over the server it is installed on.

What is happening to the current Mimosa Cloud?

The Mimosa Cloud will remain as it currently is. The MMP is just a new addition to help customers manage their networks in a new way.

What are the server requirements for the new MMP?

The bare minimum requirements for MMP: A PC or server running Linux with an 8 core CPU, 16 GB RAM, and 60 GB of free disk space can support up to 2k devices. Please keep in mind that as you increase the number of radios, the server requirements increase.

How many devices are supported on the MMP?

Server instances supporting greater than 10k devices require upgraded specialized server configurations. Additional information can be provided upon request.

What happens to all my historical Cloud data if I move to MMP?

Unfortunately, we are unable to migrate historical data to your MMP instance. You can still log into your Cloud account and look at data prior to the radio connecting to your MMP.

The current Mimosa Cloud is free. Will MMP be free?

The standard version of the MMP will be free to use. This will include the features you are already used to on the Mimosa Cloud. There will also be four licenses that you can purchase that have different features available.

What are the different licenses and what comes with each?

We will have four licenses: Basic, Pro, Extended, and Multi-Server. The Basic package will contain all the free features which you are used to, plus will add bulk device configuration, device backup and restore, and firmware scheduling. The Pro package will contain all the free features along with advanced monitoring and LDAP security features. The Extended package will allow your MMP instance to support up to 50,000 devices. The Multi-Server package will enable multiple server instance redundancy and further scaling of devices across the coordinated instances (only one Multi-Server license is required for coordinating multiple servers in a single network deployment registered in the Mimosa cloud).

Where do we purchase licenses?

The licenses can be purchased through your favorite Mimosa distributor or Mimosa reseller.

How many devices are allowed for the free version of MMP?

The free version of MMP will support up to 5,000 devices.

How do I migrate my devices from the Mimosa Cloud to the MMP?

Make sure you upgrade all your radios to the correct firmware (1.5.5 for B11, 2.5.4 for B24, A5c + clients, 2.8.1 for B5/B5c and C5c/C5x PTP along with A5x + clients). Once upgraded, you can change the NMS option in the radios to self-hosted. Once you enter the IP address and save the changes, your radios will start reporting to your MMP instance. There are detailed instructions on the Mimosa Help site.

Is there a trial for the paid features of MMP?

Yes, there will be a one-month trial for MMP features so you can try before you buy.

Can we receive professional help from Mimosa to install our MMP?

This is a possibility. Please contact Mimosa Support for more details.

Will you sell a server appliance with MMP installed?

Mimosa will not be selling server appliances.


The Mimosa Install App

The Mimosa Install App for Android and Apple iOS devices sets a new standard for ISPs to easily and efficiently control installation processes for off-the-shelf client devices, speeding up and simplifying customer installations.


Design and Plan Your Wireless Links

Trees grow, houses are built, new sources of wireless interference appear, extreme weather conditions occur and suddenly your network is not working the way it should. Mimosa helps you plan for both theoretical and actual network performance.