Mimosa Networks Partners with Epic Marketing to Enhance Fixed Wireless Access Solutions on the West Coast


Mimosa Networks Partners with Epic Marketing to Enhance Fixed Wireless Access Solutions on the West Coast

[Santa Clara, CA], [July 9, 2024] — Mimosa Networks, a Radisys Company, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Epic Marketing, a distinguished representative firm in the wireless infrastructure market. This collaboration will significantly enhance our ability to deliver advanced fixed wireless access solutions across the West Coast, reinforcing our commitment to bridging the digital divide.

Mimosa Networks, a global leader in wireless broadband solutions, is dedicated to providing innovative technology that facilitates connectivity in both dense urban areas and remote rural locations. Our cost-effective alternatives to fiber address connectivity challenges in hard-to-reach areas where traditional infrastructure may be impractical or prohibitively expensive.

"Our collaboration with Epic Marketing marks a significant step in expanding our reach on the West Coast,” said Jim Nevelle, SVP and General Manager for Mimosa Networks. “By combining our innovative wireless broadband technology with Epic's deep industry knowledge and regional strength, we are poised to deliver exceptional connectivity solutions. This partnership embodies our commitment to providing reliable, high-performance wireless access to communities."

“We are selective in those companies we rep for. They must have a truly unique solution to a demonstrated or emerging market need. We are thrilled to partner with Mimosa Networks to support their efforts to provide a new set of innovative wireless broadband solutions,” said Jim Silke, co-founder of Epic Marketing. “This collaboration aligns with our mission to support our manufacturers and deliver top-tier connectivity solutions, enhancing our ability to serve the advanced and diverse needs of our clients and communities.”

This partnership is set to enhance the availability and adoption of fixed wireless access across diverse environments, ensuring that more people can benefit from reliable and affordable connectivity.

About Mimosa Networks:

Mimosa Networks, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Radisys, stands as the global technology leader in wireless broadband solutions. Our innovative technology not only facilitates connectivity in dense urban and hard-to-reach rural areas at a fraction of the cost of fiber but also extends its reach to locations where fiber installation may face challenges or is cost prohibitive. Our commitment to versatility ensures that Mimosa Networks continues to bridge connectivity gaps in diverse environments.

About Epic Marketing:

Epic Marketing was founded in 1988 and has a long-standing reputation for excellence in representing manufacturers of land mobile radio, wireless infrastructure, interoperability platforms, and related products. Epic Marketing serves six states, from and is headquartered in San Ramon, California. All product lines are available in California and Nevada, and most are also available in Oregon, Washington, Alaska and Hawaii. The company is privately owned. Learn more at epicmarketing.com.

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