Extreme customization & reliability

The Mimosa B5c is the industry's fastest connectorized unlicensed and public safety connectivity solution, allowing virtually any antenna to be used for long distance Point-to-Point backhaul.

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Icon Range@2X

Long Range relay
and tower links

Icon Custom Engineered@2X

Custom engineered

Icon Worker@2X

Licensed Public
Safety operation
(4.9 GHz)

Icon High Reliability@2X

High reliability

Ultra Rugged

Carrier-grade IP67 design allows the B5 and the B5c to withstand the harshest of environmental conditions

B5C Ultrarugged@2X

Easily Add New Links

Typical backhaul solutions waste spectrum with every link installed and impacting network capacity. Unique high-precision GPS Sync technology allows Mimosa B5 and B5c products to reuse the same channel network wide, and up to 4 links can auto-coordinate.

B5C Double Reliability@2X

Double Reliability

Unlicensed spectrum can be unpredictable. So Mimosa custom engineered unique multi-channel and auto-everything technology to protect your links when you encounter interference. The B5 and B5c automatically keep your links up with two independent operating channels, and adapting using our auto-everything technology to resolve problems proactively to deliver optimal link speed and reliability. It's like two smart links in a single radio!

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Incredibly Fast. Incredibly Flexible.

Awarded the fastest unlicensed backhaul in the industry, the B5 and B5c also provide extensive bandwidth control options. Dynamic modes automatically adapt with traffic demand and provide ultra low ~1ms link latency for sensitive voice and video communications services. While reserved bandwidth and GPS sync modes allow symmetric or 75/25 traffic direction reservation.


Monitor with Ease, and So Much More

Immediately after install, your links are ready to be monitored via the free Mimosa Cloud service. With vast data collection and analysis, assessing link health and identifying potential problems has never been easier.

‡ U.S. Pat. No. US 9,179,336, 9,191,081, US 9,130,305 and patents pending.

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