Italian ISP NuovaReti Upgrades to Mimosa Ultra-fast Fixed Wireless in Northern Italy

Mimosa Tower-Based Multipoint Solutions Affordably Deliver 5X the Speed


NuovaReti is a wireless ISP in Northern Italy deploying a hybrid-fiber-wireless architecture to service business and residential subscribers.


Constrained by slow speeds, the ISP needed more bandwidth at an affordable cost.


NuovaReti deployed Mimosa A5 and A5c access points on local towers, connecting wirelessly to client locations using either a discreetly-designed Mimosa C5 or C5c client device installed on the client’s roof. They also deployed Mimosa point-to-point solutions in both unlicensed 5 GHz and 24 GHz frequencies (the B24 backhaul radio).


Thanks to Mimosa, NuovaReti is able to deliver speeds to its customers five times faster than with their prior equipment, and with a positive ROI.

Just north of Venice, nestled among the vineyards of some of Italy’s top white wine varietals, are the headquarters of NuovaReti, an Italian-based ISP started in 2015. With over 2,500 subscribers and an equal mix of urban and rural customers, the wireless ISP services residential and business subscribers including local vineyards, schools, hospitality and financial institutions.

Leveraging its existing fiber-fed towers, NuovaReti deploys a hybrid-fiber-wireless architecture using a combination of unlicensed 5 GHz, 17 GHz and 24 GHz spectrum. Seeking to improve its service offerings to customers, NuovaReti needed to overcome the low bandwidth it was seeing in its early point-to-point (PTP) and point-to-multipoint (PTMP) links, and began deploying Mimosa in early 2018.

The company kicked off the project with a cluster of six Mimosa A5c connectorized access points with 4x4 60° sector antennas. Amazed by the high speeds, the company expanded with an additional five A5c devices in another two locations. More positive results encouraged the team to update their network plans and eventually install over 14 point-to-point backhaul links, and 140 client devices across 35 tower locations, one of which is installed over its headquarters, connecting neighbors.“We were looking for a solution that would meet our stringent price/performance requirements,” said Franco Colavitti, CEO of NuovaReti. “We found an optimal solution in Mimosa. Our vision is to keep our infrastructure updated with the highest performance technology, and Mimosa makes this easy and affordable. Most importantly, our return on investment is very good.”

In one of the links using the Mimosa B5c, NuovaReti immediately saw speeds increase from 70 Mbps to over 360 Mbps. “These results were so exciting for us,” said Colavitti. “Thanks to Mimosa, we increased performance without a big financial investment, and are now launching our new fiber-fast service!”

Colavitti also values Mimosa’s ease-of-use – so easy, in fact, that he didn't require any training to migrate to the new platform. In the rare instance he has questions, he works closely with Mimosa’s support team, which he says is “one of the best things about Mimosa.” NuovaReti also recently purchased eight of Mimosa’s newest B24 Gigabit point-to-point radios, and is looking forward to integrating them into the larger network.

“Our company has been built on honesty, affordability and performance, and we strive to always keep close relations with our customers. We were excited to find a company like Mimosa that is doing something so ground-breaking in this space.”